Quest for Metal 💳

@nateavi Thats my question whenever i am paying through a payment gateway those people are taking more amount as gateway fees… I payed 80k i once and they took 1000rs approx as fees.

Is there a hack to gateway fees other than rupay card and upi?


Not to my knowledge no. UPI forces nil interchange charges so people can use it ubiquitously. So for Jupiter (and other banks) to make money, they need to encourage debit card spends (which is on the wane).


how many moons have you earned in total ?

More than 300

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It’s the sequel we’ve all been waiting for. We’re back with Quest For Metal - PRO edition! :credit_card:

Some of you must have already seen what’s coming up for v2 here - December 2022 | What’s next on Jupiter? 🚀

Let’s break it down. Here’s what’s coming:

What's new:

1. Comet

We’ve added a new element called ‘comet’. The more comets you have, the higher the chances of winning the metal card.
Note: There’s no gold moon anymore. However, there is a yellow moon.

2. A new moon

We now have a purple moon. These moons can be collected with bill payments.

Screenshot 2022-12-16 at 12.12.27 PM

3. Jackpots

These are mid-game rewards. Think of these as milestones. Jackpots are brand vouchers that you can win by completing in-game challenges.

Here’s one of them:

4. Comet & Moon counter

Transaction history and a tracker for how far you’ve come into the game :party_parrot:

5. Notice board

The notice board can be found on the Quest For Metal page. This board will be used to convey tasks, things you’ve missed, and possibly your ranking in %. The purple box below is the notice board.

6. Higher chances of winning

If you’re a PRO member, all Moons & Comets collected till 3rd January 2023 will be DOUBLED.

Note: Maintain your Net Relationship Value (NRV) of ₹10,000 or more on 31st December 2022 & beyond, to enjoy your PRO status & benefits. Your PRO status will be decided on 3rd January 2023.

How to win?

To get the metal card :credit_card: you need to collect as many comets as you can.
The top 20 collectors will win the card.

Here’s the fun part. After considering the feedback from our community folks, we’re increasing the no. of winners and introducing a lucky draw system! :partying_face:

Out of the 20 winners, 10 will be from top comet collectors, while the other 10 will be based on random selection.

This applies to our luxury travel :airplane: reward too. 20 winners overall out of which, 10 of them will get the reward for collecting the maximum moons and the other 10 are by a lucky draw.

We’d like you folks to decide how the lucky draw should be decided. Any ideas? :thinking:

When does this start?

:spiral_calendar: Quest For Metal - PRO Edition will show up next week! This should last for 30 days.
We’ll let you know when it’s here.

It’s time to gear up :sunglasses:


I’m seeing only banner for it. Nowhere seeing moons or anything in the app. When I’m clicking on the banner it just going to pro tab and that’s it.

Bonus points for personalising WhatsApp texts. It’s much better than “Dear random guy……”

Hope to see MOARRRR texts from Jupiter.


@therpawar the quest starts next week! Meanwhile you can maintain your NRV for upgrading to PRO and double your chances to win. You would be able to collect Moons & Comets from next week. We’ll announce it when it begins! Stay tuned.

I’m already pro.

Awesome @therpawar! Now you just need to maintain the PRO status in January & you’ll be much ahead in the game.

How many metal cards will be given?


Jo bhi metal card hai in logo ne apne liye banaye hai. Mujhe nahi lagta ki inhone kisi user ko ye diye hai

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We should have a Jupiter Bro campaign for april, as part of April 1.

Swipe all “pro” to “bro” in the app, ads, website, and everything else in between :sweat_smile:


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Upgrade to Bro!


Why not sis?

Doesn’t rhyme with “pro”.

same here,didnot receive notification or message.


still there is no update if there will be any ranking for number of comets collected by participarticipants