Foreign remittances through Jupiter! Thoughts?

Hi everyone!

Very excited to share that we are working on a product for you to send out money internationally from your Jupiter bank account. We would love to hear your current experience while sending money abroad through this 1 min survey.

You can also let us know if you have any feedback related to issues faced currently while remitting money in the comments below!


Is this going to be a layer on top of Federal bank’s legacy system or are you partnering with some money transfer maven like Wise? :eyes:


No legacy system :eyes:

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Wise has a decent tracking section and DBS has a more comprehensive list of the reasons for remittance. DBS also has an easy UI where you can see how much you have sent and how much you can send before TDS kicks in. A combination of both would be awesome!


Good news! More entities to partner with? :eyes::partying_face: Fintech News Bytes - #70 by Binoy