Jupiter international Transfer 🌐🌍💱

I request for early access for international Transfer, maybe my rank was 5k or something… Today when i tap the it’s showing me accept the t~c then showing me this page :roll_eyes:

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Anybody have any idea about payment international Transfer feature ?

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@sani Could you kill the app and open it again?

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I restart the app, but it’s showing me same page again

Maybe I’m not in the wishlist , but i registered myself for early access

Can you use this ?

Did they remove international transfer in the payments page?

@Aswin_Benny Got the latest update today…Yes, couldn’t find international payments/transfers option anywhere.
typed “International” and made a search via the search icon, got “Unable to find what you searched”

@Aswin_Benny @razack Strange. Can you check if the icon is visible for you in the payments tab?
It should be on the top bar (scroll to the right side)

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I just checked, there is no international transfer option.

The option was there until app version 2.1.14, but just now I update the app to 2.2.1 and now it’s no longer visible.

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Same here.


No…There are only 4 options/icons now on the top bar:

    1. Pay to UPI ID
    1. Bank Transfers
    1. Self Transfer
    1. Check Balance

Thanks for confirming folks, I’ve raised it with the payments team to see if anything is up for International transfers.


After this update, the option to filter tags in filter section vanished along with the international transfers feature @Shawnpinto

You people bring in a new feature, some existing features vanishes always. Don’t understand why this happens everytime.

Never commented on jupiter team efficiency till now but I think you people should have a serious look into the team. These kind of issues spoil the user experience and leaves them frustated.

I understand when you say that Jupiter is a new organisation and trying to build the app with community’s help in features and identifying bugs but it’s been already 4 years since Jupiter has been launched and it’s not new anymore.

I might sound a bit harsh but this is what users will feel like when these kind of issues happen repeatedly. I have always given the credit where it’s due and also pointed out the issues where they are real.

And yes, there’s also an issue with the transaction history again which is even more frustating.


@specter this shouldn’t have happened. We are looking into it and resolving it asap. Thanks for raising. We should have identified it in the first place.


Thanks @arp4na for the response.

I’m sure you people shall look into the issues when raised but they shouldn’t be happening so frequently.

And when we have to raise the complaint, the CS team asks for screenshots which are not allowed in the app, so we have to click pics from other mobile and then follow it up.
These kind of issues happen in the beta testing phase but not when the app is matured.

And as user, every person would want to experience the app rather than finding bugs.
Issues appearing often is not a very good sign and management to be very honest.
Hope Jupiter focuses on these type of issues.

And yes, I have uninstalled the Jupiter app from my phone after withdrawing all the funds today morning. Main reason behind this was discrepancy in the transaction history.

Had to go to federal bank net banking and pull up a statement to find out the exact transactions happened.


Update on International transfers:

We’re sorting a few things with our partners, hence the feature would not be available for the time being. There’s no ETA for its return.

Hey why you guys have removed international transfers?

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@Devansh_Bartwal That is the issue

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