Bug in Bank transfer


My friend open a new account yesterday and transfer money through

Bank Transfer >New

Unfortunately the next screen will not ask for A/c No but due to bug the amount transferred to the Jupiter Debit Card *1274 ( which is debit card activation charges transferred account)

Please look at the screenshot and inform me where is the money transferred.

Strange. After clicking on Bank transfer > New, it does ask for the account details :thinking:
Is anyone else facing this?

Mainly this type of issue facing by new users.

@Satyajit_Singh Could you share a video recording with me on DM? We’d like to see how you reproduced this. Thanks.

Video is not uploaded due to below error :point_down:

But now it is ask for account details when i click on new section in Bank Transfer Option.

So i can see there is a Option of jupiter debit, just right side of new icon. As this’ll be arise from debit card charges payment.

Is this a bug, because i think any charges payment can’t be seen on the bank transfer tab.

@Satyajit_Singh You can try to upload a video via Google Drive or YouTube unlisted video. A link can be generated which can be shared.

This helps too, we’ll check this.
I’ll reach out to you if we need anything else :blob_thanks:

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We found out what had happened.

So if a user pays for the debit card activation fee, a debit card payee is created.
The amount is stored in a pool. You can’t withdraw from it.

Since your friend accidentally paid an additional 14k to this payee, currently there is no way to get it back. So whoever has done such a thing, we are getting the reversals done (which will be a direct credit to the account) and we are stopping any such transfers to the debit card payee in the future.

Thanks for highlighting this!

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Thanks for the quickly responses.

That things i like about Jupiter and i can say it is create lot of efforts if this happen with another Bank.



@Satyajit_Singh The best part is, that you guys help us shape the product :blob_thanks:
Via suggestions, Bug hunting, Lab tests, and much more!

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Thanks for the appreciation :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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@Satyajit_Singh This is fixed now. The debit card payee should not be visible now. Can you check and let us know? :blob_thanks:

Till now it is visible to me.

Yes, this will be fixed now

@Satyajit_Singh Perfect. Thanks for confirming!

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