Introducing the self transfer feature 📲

Hey everyone! :wave:t3:

As promised, we’ve released the self-transfer option! :rocket:
This is available for ALL users.


  1. Those who are not part of Jupiter labs will see the old payments tab. In this case, the self-transfer option will show up like this:

  1. Those who are part of @Jupiterlabs can see the new payments tab. Hence it will show up like this:

In the coming weeks, everyone will be able to see the new payments tab. Make sure you have the latest app version.

The images used here are sample images. The real UI may vary over future app updates.

Try it out folks!


Feedback : It does not allow to add bank from different phone no, if possible please allow to add bank from different phone number in near future

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Wohoo :tada:

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If your account registered with one number then it only allows self transfer in all banks with same number in every app even in paytm, phonepe, google pay.


The self transfer isn’t working properly when I try to select the bank from which I wanna transfer it doesn’t allow me to choose and selects the first bank account by default.

Here is the video of the same - VID_20231112110306.mp4 - Google Drive

@gabey14 i was facing this issue as well. However, after the latest app update the issue got resolved. If you are on the latest app update, share this with the support team so that bug can be reported & get tracked to closure

I have raised it with the support. Thanks @yagnesh01 could you please mention on which version is your Jupiter app. Mine is 2.4.4

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@gabey14 I am on 2.4.4 as well

Ohk thank you.

Can confirm the bug. I am also facing the same. @gabey14

Oh okay thanks @Aswin_Benny for confirming the same hope this gets fixed soon as it’s used quite a lot by me :crossed_fingers: