Is Jupiter Money is Safe for Receiving International Payment?

Hii there
I’m Karan And I working as Blogger And freelancer I want to receive my international payments in Jupiter Money account is it’s safe or not??



Well i recieved my adsense payment on jupiter…

@Karan13 as I know Payment received in Bank is safe untill you received it from such payments-
~ Fraud Company which is under investigation.
~ Origination,that involves in offence.
~ Money laundering Company
~ Including Personal Transaction which is under government investigation .

May be many other categories.

@Aswin_Benny AdSense Payment isn’t any way of suspicious payment.

AdSense & other reputed ads selling companies are safe .


Okay for this. Install the FedMobile app or go to a Federal Bank branch and request a statement to your email. Then you can see your SWIFT code to receive international payments.


Hey, how many days did it take to receive the Adsense payment to the Bank Account?

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@niranjan maybe a week or longer. I dont remember now

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No worries,.

Hey, it’s been more that 4 days since AdSense issued the payment, I haven’t received anything on Jupiter yet! Should I be worried?


@niranjan Nope… Wait a bit more like 3 more days… Then start to worry :ok_hand:

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That’s a lot days​:clown_face:. I have to pay Credit Card bills :clown_face::clown_face:

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@niranjan better find an alternate method to pay for cc bills. You may get it faster or it may get delayed .

I use PayPal tied to my Jupiter card. Works pretty instantaneously from my experience.

Hope this helps.

Received the payment! but apparently, Federal Bank charges 250rs+gst on each transaction. But when I raised this issue with Jupiter support(Before and after receiving the payment), they said they do not charge anything for incoming transactions both times(Before and after receiving the payment). Weird.


Yep, used PayPal for a few transactions, but AdSense only allows Wire Transfer.

Ah that sucks. My sole international subscription for now involves a VPN. PayPal works perfectly fine in that scenario.

Hope you find a fix for yours, fren.

When i asked the customer care, the told me it was fees taken by merchant ie. Adsense…

Still weird :roll_eyes:

It’s clearly written here that google does not charge any fees!

@niranjan yes, thats why i said it was weird :smiling_face_with_tear:

U will get a PDF from jupiter soon with all those breakdown charges. It will be more weirder that time

I already got that pdf, as I mentioned above Federal Bank charges 250+gst and some other charges but Jupiter Support says incoming transactions are free!

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@Shawnpinto Do u have any idea about these charges? Like @niranjan niranjan said customer care doesnt have a proper idea about it