Is Jupiter Money is Safe for Receiving International Payment?

Hii there
I’m Karan And I working as Blogger And freelancer I want to receive my international payments in Jupiter Money account is it’s safe or not??



Well i recieved my adsense payment on jupiter…

@Karan13 as I know Payment received in Bank is safe untill you received it from such payments-
~ Fraud Company which is under investigation.
~ Origination,that involves in offence.
~ Money laundering Company
~ Including Personal Transaction which is under government investigation .

May be many other categories.

@Aswin_Benny AdSense Payment isn’t any way of suspicious payment.

AdSense & other reputed ads selling companies are safe .


Okay for this. Install the FedMobile app or go to a Federal Bank branch and request a statement to your email. Then you can see your SWIFT code to receive international payments.