Does Jupiter Bank Has Swift Code To Recieve International Payment?

Hello there, I’m planning to open an account on Jupiter Banking app and want to receive google adsense payment. But I need Swift code to recieve any kind of international payments. So I want to know if Jupiter has any Swift code to receive international payments. These are the details that are asked


Hey @Modster

Thank you for reaching out to us!

Yes, we do have. Our SWIFT Code is FDRLINBBIBD.

Hope this helps!


Hello thanks for the swift code. So I’ll have no problem getting my adsense payment via this Swift code. Also I’ve another question.

  1. Which bank name I’ve to put in the bank name Box. Is it federal Bank or Jupiter Bank?
  2. Can Jupiter Bank Recieve Dollars in my account?

Glad to answer your query.

  1. Please go with the name “The Federal Bank Ltd”
  2. Yes, you can transfer the amount from an international account to Jupiter.
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I used Jupiter to recieve my adsense payout. No worries, works like charm.

Jupiter can recieve dollars (gets converted to inr with a small charge)

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Use Sbi to get this payment else pay high amount to jupiter.

How much sbi charges and how much Jupiter charges? You’ve any idea?

you can check with federal bank for the swift exchange rate

Charges are too high

340 rs for 103 dollars

I saw Canara Bank Charges 104 rupees per $150 dollars I guess

Yes Gov bank is good for all of these services. I have saw many youtuber those who receive their payment in gov banks

Awesome! Can we please add this to the app profile section? Id prefer it be there amongst my account number and IFSC code should I need this


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Never seen it. It’d be great if we could see it in the app profile/account info section. Hopefully they’ll add it there too.


Hey @nateavi

Sure, your request is duly noted. We shall inform our concerned team regarding the same to do the needful.

Thank you.


Is this from the Federal Bank netbanking platform ?

Federal bank Official App (FedMobile)