Why did Jupiter ignore Juno the dog 😂

@Shawnpinto @Jiten

Why did Jupiter choose “the spaceman” over “Juno the dog”.

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Here’s why:

  1. The dog has a negative connotation.
  2. Dog doesn’t look mature and credible for serious stuff liking banking
  3. Our audience and People with money may not associate with dog
  4. Spaceman was a more natural fit

But Juno will always be with us :dog: :rocket:


Wow. Answer was reasonable. Poor juno :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Great answer :relaxed: . @Aswin_Benny , he ( @Shawnpinto ) is right .
Customer cannot related with Dog :dog2: instead God :joy:

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Dog is kind of cute… Jupiter have many such unused resources inside the app

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NiyoX is using Dog for some animation. For Example while fetching Balance.

Dogs :dog::dog2: are cute , Amazon also use when page/net issue is there.


Have you guys seen the recent Jupiter social posts? Check this one - Login • Instagram

Juno made a quick appearance! But not many knew it was him :smiling_face_with_tear:


I have seen this post, i did notice juno :joy:.


@Aswin_Benny Juno was seen in the recent post too! :cool_doge:


We need more of Juno. Imho spaceman isn’t relatable

We don’t need to change him! But it would be cool to see a relatable mascot take the spotlight a bit more. Juno’s a good choice!



Bring him back! :eyebrow:

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I disagree. Dogs are the epitome of loyalty.

Remember the Hutch ads? The pug was so good, Vodafone carried the torch forward.

Suppose I open the app, and see a cute dog doing fun stuff like fetching my balance, it’s kinda cool. Guess why? Because it’s a dog “fetching” my balance. Get the pun?

Unsure about how you guys came up with the opinion that dogs have a negative connotation, but I’d choose a decently animated dog over a kindergarten-esque drawn 2D spaceman anyday.

Sure Jupiter + Space sounds related, but it comes off too dorky and not mainstream.

Disclaimer: Just my two cents.


I still dont know the name of small dog in vodafone ads… I call it “the vodofone dog”…
Some ads stays forever

These guys are also nice. Nostalgic


Zoozoos were pretty funny! Didn’t they switch to Zoozoos during cricket matches tho?

I was under the assumption that Zoozoos were more seasonal while the pug remained the main show.

Omg! Fetching my balance sounds so good if Juno was around :cry_cat:


Zoozoos made everyone in my family watch cricket matches… Even my mother…

Seems like vodofone dog came after zoozoos :thinking:

If we completely take out space themes in jupiter and fill it with juno :

  1. Loading animation would be a dog running
  2. Something snapped would be a dog biting a wire
  3. Sending money animation would be juno flying to sky like Superman…
  4. Freezing and unfreezing cards would be juno locking the card and guarding it.

:joy:. What else is possible?

  1. Trying to put a leash on your spendings would be like putting an anti bite collar around Juno

Wait a sec. His head is already inside the space helmet though :eyebrow:

Here is the another one :wink: I know Vodafone has been merged but This was the old pack.


Everyones using Pugs :blobthink: