What's your Jupiter Pot name? 🤪

For ruff days or for that purr-fect vacation - these animals have their savings sorted on planet Jupiter! :rocket:

We made some fun ones, check them out below :stuck_out_tongue:

Let us know what your Jupiter Pots would be called? The best named Pots get featured on our Instagram page!


“Peanuts to Profits” lol that’s so catchy and matching :joy: :joy:

Earlier I had a created pot named “iPhone” for buying my wife an iPhone for the anniversary. :joy:
Due to my best savings habit, as usual, the pot never attained even a four digit :sob: :sob: and at last bought the phone with Bajaj EMI card :speak_no_evil:

Recently I have created a pot called “Lakshadweep” and the balance remains a top secret. :grin:

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“Paw-fect Saving Plan” for :service_dog: :cool_doge:


Hey @Shawnpinto !
Right now when we break the pots or transfer to pots, it shows as “transferred to pot” in the app. Instead, I thinks it’s better if it shows as “transferred to XXXX pot” which should have pot name too.

And also there should be a history of pots created and pots broken too.
This will help a lot.

Sometimes I name my pots by emojis :smile:

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Dear @Shawnpinto Here are some suggestions:

  1. The Cat-titude Growth Fund :smiley_cat: :smile_cat:
  2. Cat-titude Capital Fund :joy_cat:
  3. Bunny’s Fun Fund :rabbit2:
  4. Car-rott Collection Fund :red_car::carrot: :rabbit:
  5. Honey-moon fund :bear: :honey_pot:
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That’s a nice idea. Also, I think all sorts of pot icons still has a stamp of the 2021 year (I am not sure whether its only for me). If possible, either remove the year or modify it to current year. @Shawnpinto

Big Bang Bucket for my big purchases :space_dab:


Foreign Bam-booze for me as I relate a lot to a Panda!


@Abhishek_Ulayil Wait, what’s this pot for? :rofl:
Let me guess - It’s for Pizza, right?

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