What do you think of linking IFTTT with Jupiter?

linking Jupiter with IFTTT may allow POTs savings linked to everyday activities. e.g. i Ran 10k, so i save something in pot for celebrating


everytime someone tweets about my fav food, i save something in POTs

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Like the one in Fi? Yeah its a cool feature but I don’t think I would ever be using it.

Also your second example :face_with_raised_eyebrow: how will Jupiter find out about someone tweeting also wouldn’t that easily run out your money if Jupiter actually reads tweets? like many people tweet about burgers, there are a lot of users on Twitter obv there will be many tweets.

Yeah, IFTTT integration would be cool. But, a Fi like FIT rule for Pots is a great start too.

What if the Twitter account and the app was linked? So whenever there is a mention for his handle @username and the term “Favourite food” was mentioned, it would read the word and transfer the balance from main account to Pots. We could set the term from the app.

But just imagine the misuse for this. Anyone could probably create a Twitter account and keep mentioning the handle non stop with the term. The balance will go poof :exploding_head:
But it’s in the pots anyway.

A big no for this one :sweat_smile:

But! Love the IFTTT integration though. Our Pots feature should be able to do this in the future.

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idea is to trigger pots savings linked to someone. IFTTT lets the onus of forward linking to the user. pelase ignore the lame examples i shared earlier. a real example would be like this
1/ every time i take a walk to office instead of a car, automatically Rs 100 (fare of car) gets deposited in a POT - as aa rainy day savings.
2/ every time a user gets added to my channel, a pots (for donation) gets credited Rs 10, to donate to teh the NGO who’s story is being led by my channel to begin with
3/ every time (a good deed is triggered by IFTTT), a (credit) is made in a (pots)
4/ heck, I can open an account for my kids in jupitor and penalize them everytime a swear word is heard in the house by alexa/google etc and transfer it in a swear pot

that would be example of use cases that can drive up acceptance of pots, in daily lives, of the next generation

Long time no siege!!

Tbh this sounds too much of a privacy concern that my location and alexa is being tracked.

Plus to the extent of purchasing something and the app automatically putting money aside would be the only thing I could agree with anything more than that is just too much.

What if I my phone is switched off? How will Jupiter still track it. Plus why should Jupiter track it I don’t get it. Its too much of a privacy concern for me on how Jupiter might use that data in other ways.

These things can be done manually by just a few clicks Jupiter has made it easy.

I want to save for fuel? Open a fuel pot.

But maybe it would be good about lets say my pot is at 90% we can set it so Jupiter automatically tries to fill it to 100% but still keep a ratio of money in the main account in case we need it.