Interesting New Pot Idea 💡

I just stumbled on this interesting pot idea hosted by Monzo in the IFTTT app that we could implement here on Jupiter too.

Here’s the gist of the pot-

“Monzo’s 1p savings challenge gradually increases the amount that you save each day. Meaning you will save 1p on the first of January, and up to £3.65 by the end of the year. In total, you will have saved over £600 in 2022…”

This when implemented in INR would be super rad. With rule based automation, this idea could be applied to a spare change pot or even a MF pot too in the future :partying_face:

PS: More Monzo automation-

More IFTTT fun here- Save more money in 2022 - IFTTT


It’s a nice idea and it also shows us the power of compounding. I just have 1 suggestion that if it is possible you can link this pot with a higher interest rate than the usual like say 4% and for that you can also create a fix lock in period of let’s say a year or something like that.
In short i just want to say that you can add this pot with a different lucrative offer to attract consumers towards it.

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Yeah, to make it lucrative is in the hands of team Jupiter. They need to work on the interest part to strike a balance and excite the Indian audience. We’re less fancy pantsy and more inclined towards the return in money matters :nerd_face:


The automation rules like these are what excites me. But, it’d require the IFTTT heavy lifting to go live :yum:

Much simpler one’s like the FIT rules in the Fi app is a great start too :v: