Function to add rules while making repetitive payments

The ability to add rules while making some repetitive payment will be a good addition to Jupiter.

Example: While paying for my petrol, a function to add a rule which allocates a certain amount (which is customizable) to a pot of our choice.

Using rules like this will help us save money unconsciously while making monthly repetitive deeds.

Hope I made my point clear here.

Heard about this idea being used somewhere else. Seemed like a cool idea.

Feedbacks are appreciated.


That’s a really awesome feature , wish they implement it

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@akasshmurali I think you are referring to Fi Neo Bank’s Fit Rules. They have some cool rules there…

I also would like something like that implemented in Jupiter.

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Ah! this is a good one.
I’ve seen something similar on the Google Play Store. It’s under profile, payments & subscription, budget & history.

You can set a budget for yourself for that particular month. It won’t stop any purchases, but they will let you know if you are close to the limit/ exceeded it.

I think it’s not related to the budget feature. I’m talking more in the line of a automatic saving plan.

Let me explain with an example.

If I’m making a regular payment (ex. Petrol refill), I would love it if jupiter had a feature to automatically deposit a pre-determined amount into a pot whenever I made such payments.

I think this feature is present in the fi app and their card.

I would love it if jupiter adopted it.

I would love some feedback on this.

@jupiter team, please get on this.

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@Shawnpinto would love your feedback on this.

Hey @akasshmurali, thanks for simplifying it down!
Some doubts, after you make the transaction, are you saying that some additional amount from your balance must be put into the pot? Just wanted to how would this be of any benefit to us.

So is it like, the next time you make the payment to the same merchant, the amount from the pot will be used instead?

The problem I see with this is the amount and the change of transaction behaviour. What this means is, let’s say I purchase something for 100 today, another 100 goes into the pot from my balance. Tomorrow I make a purchase of Rs.200. The balance in my pot would not suffice, unless it balances it out with my bank balance amount.


@akasshmurali. Would love to understand more. Would you be open to a short call?

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@Bharat sure. Let me know how we can connect.

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@Shawnpinto the amount that is put in the pot doesn’t need to be used for the next payment.

It can just be a part of my saving.

My point in saying all of this is to promote unconscious saving. Even if it’s a small amount, it’ll add up to something significant in the longer.

I’m open to connecting even on a short call if needed.


@akasshmurali could you DM me your number please. Will ping you and we can fix a time

Thanks a ton. Really appreciate this

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