WWDC 2022- apple event

Here’s the official  YouTube link for their WWDC 2022 June 6th event.

My wish list:

  1. spin off  music into a semi independent division and let them do their own thing- platform agnostic

  2. Give the lock screen a fresh coat of paint

  3. interactive widgets!

  4. back end support for AOD displays?

  5. Craig sports a new haircut

What’s on your wish list?



being an android user :grin: :grin:


Hopefully humain milega Pixel 7. Probably priced at 80,000 for the six people who’ll buy it


@nateavi Where’s the on screen fingerprint?! :thinking:
That’s heavily needed for iOS. Face ID is meh :smiling_face_with_tear:

Google fan here. Waiting for the Pixel 7 and the watch too.
Mostly the Pixel watch. It’s the first time they’re coming up with one! :watch:

Ahhh the rounded bezels :grimacing:


Personally I prefer Face ID to fingerprint on the screen. Works for me 9 outta 10 times, where as my usage with my Oneplus 7 Pro was finicky at best.

Always On Display on an amoled screen? Id love that :grin:

Pixel 7- I hope they price it good n launch it in India tho. The 6 design is sweet, but it’s saddening they didn’t bother to ship it here


Definitely around 70k-80k range. Yikes.
But hey, we get the brand new Google tensor chip :grimacing:


Last min rumour mill. Apple search engine? :eyes:

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That’ll be interesting :face_with_monocle:

Exactly. And not just apple music. The problem with yearly OS releases is that major changes are held off for 1st party softwares to be unveiled at yearly events or till major dot releases.
I would love App Store update cycles for Apple services like Google does with google apps.

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Fair point. The apps do need to be spun off, but if they do that , then how do they pad up their annual OS updates?

Craig: Look guys, you get to finally edit n unsend your texts! How cool is iOS 16?

Le People: and you needed a yearly iOS update to push THIS?

As for Apple Music, we get Jack from apple.
Music remains the neglected step child in the fam! :man_facepalming:

Just highlight system changes and let Craig go “We made ton of changes over the year to the most popular music service on the planet, Spo Apple Music”

Craig approves!