CCS | World photography day 📷

Hey folks!

On this day you get to show off your photography skills! However, let’s keep a theme.
You could share a pic that you own, a picture you’ve taken or found a pic from somewhere else. It can also be a wallpaper. You should also let us know why you like that particular picture.

Themes you could follow - (Eg: Spacefire colour - A.K.A Jupiter’s colour, spaceman, the galaxy, Jupiter planet and the stars, the app, card, etc)

фотограф фотография фото камера простоквашино

If you’re wondering what CCS is, it’s the new community challenge series that we’re conducting. We’ll have lots of fun and easy events lined up for the month of August. Click here for more info - Community challenge series | August 2022 :rocket:

Grab your cameras! :camera_flash:


The bird is looking too calm and cool like the jupiter app.

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The evening looks so beautiful that it makes me stand and capture it in the spaceman colours
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Floating in the vastness of the ocean, just like jupiter does in the vastness of space

Location: Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

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Find me a better Jupiter themed photo than this.

Credit - One and only NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope

Hands down, the best one! :party_parrot: