CCS | Your Jupiter card adventure πŸ’³

Hey everyone! :wave:t4:

This event is similar to take-your-pet-to-work day. But this time, you get to take your card out with you. Take a picture or tell us your adventures of you and your Jupiter card on this day. :credit_card:

What you could do:

  • Take a picture of the card next to an object/scene when you’re outside
  • Some random ideas - Mixing the Jupiter card while playing UNO, poker, etc :stuck_out_tongue:

Note (Important) - Do not showcase the backside with numbers. Just the front with your name is fine.

You can share the pictures of your adventure here. Let’s get those creative juices flowing! :rocket:

Have fun, stay safe, and take care, everyone!

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I didn’t received any :credit_card:

Hey Shawn!
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One brings Lead, Another brings Jewels. :star_struck: