Card holder VS Wallet | What's your pick?

I’ve started using a card holder recently and its way more convenient than keeping a bulky wallet. Good riddance, lol.

It’s sleek, thin and just about the right size. (I own up to 8 cards in total - Bank cards, Gov ID’s, etc)

What about everyone else? :grin:


I bought a card holder. But it could hold all of my cards so I am using the box that came with Fi to store debot cards, box that came with juno for carrying the card that i am going to use, card holder to carry my ID cards :woozy_face:


I have also tried wallet but its bulky. Now I shifted to card holder that can hold upto 4 cards and that is sleek.


I too have been keeping my cards in Fi’s debit card box since last year.


Give us suggestions for some good card holders? What is you are using it?

@jigarmistry24 Check this out

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@niranjan_kumar Omg if only I came across this one earlier :smiling_face_with_tear:
Love the brushed metal one…


First I got one its get destroy due to heavily load but still its worked for almost 1 year now I have 2 card holders and guess what they are also full now :innocent: (Gov id are in my other documents holder :joy:)

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There’s many types of card holders tbh.

The most famous types are:

  1. The expandable type - like the Aviator Wallet shown above.
    This is pretty good if you have more than 8 cards.

  2. The slider type - exactly like the gif above.
    You can only store a fixed amount of cards here. I have this one.

  3. Zipper style - It’s more like a mini pouch. Can store probably 15+ cards. But it’s a bit bulky and in leather. Haven’t seen any in metal.

  4. Book style - It’s more like how you open a book. It’s in metal and has a fixed amount of cards that can be stored. I didn’t like this one since I was worried that it could get loose over time.

I’d pick the slider one since I don’t keep more than 8 cards.

Link drop krde buy krne kii

@Honey5197 Which type of card holder do you prefer though? :thinking:

Why paper card holder is not available with Jupiter Debit Card?. It would have been nice to have a paper card holder along with it.


Did you make your own card holder out of paper from the debit card packaging? :exploding_head:

Yes, but I do not know how to make it properly.

That’s actually pretty cool. You even did the V cut at the tip, for the thumb slot.
The team was talking about Card skin wraps earlier, we could explore these too.

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@The_But Thats kind of cool😯. I also wanted a paper cover for jupiter…