How do you store your cards?

Hi everyone!

The year has just begun and we wanted to ask our Community - How does one carry their physical cards or money? Or, have we upgraded into a virtual one?


Here are some options which we’ve all seen.
Please add if we missed any!

1. The dad wallet :man_beard:

Ah yes, the famous good ol’ dad wallet. It’s big, can carry 10 or even 20+ cards and lots of notes & coins. Sounds good? But there’s a drawback. It’s way too bulky! You might have seen people keeping these in their back pockets.

2. Slim, portable but can’t have too many :tipping_hand_man:

Here comes the slightly fashionable and trendy wallets.
You own 4-5 cards at max, a few notes, almost no coins.

The materials aren’t just leather anymore. Though they’re classy.
You might find them in a blend of nylon or Polycarbonate, polyester. Slightly lighter and durable.

Slim wallets

3. Metal heads :metal:

It’s been here for a while but not many people own these.
Personally, I’ve shifted from slim wallets to a metal one.

  1. File/Folder style

  2. Stack and compress


  1. Durable, smooth and feels cold when you hold them.
  2. Smaller


  1. High tendency to scratches
  2. May bend (depends on the quality/brand)
  3. Holds up to 5-6 cards
  4. Option 2, cards may be scratched way too easily

Another point to add, you can’t carry any notes, coins or business cards.

4. Wallets with a Zip :zipper_mouth_face:

Its a mix of a dad wallet and the slim variants from option 2.
These have a Zip, similar to a backpack.



  1. Things won’t fall off that easily (Zips are harder to open - Pro or con?)
  2. Average bulge
  3. Light weight


  1. You might find it annoying to open it once in a while (Zips take longer, compared to a flip wallet)
  2. Zips may get tangled

5. Only digital :globe_with_meridians:

Ever since the rise of UPI, there are folks who don’t carry a physical card anymore. Let alone, a wallet!

There are a lot of apps that can store physical card data and can be used virtually.
You can pick your card of choice with a swipe, store business cards, arrange them, and so on.

Not sure if these can be accessed without internet. If that’s the case then, that’s a bummer.

Majority of us keep cards/UPI handles stored on websites & services that we use everyday. Something like an Amazon, Swiggy, Uber.


We have a lot of options to choose from, and we go with 1 option or maybe have 2 at the same time.
So, which preference is for you? :index_pointing_at_the_viewer:

Share your experience with us in the thread below!


4 and 5 option

you can add one more category Slim Wallet - Burnished - Brown - Scudo | Premium Leather Wallets

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I use the dad wallet :joy: but do not carry it every time. Most times phone and some spare change in pocket does the trick.

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Oh nice! This looks like a combination of metal and slim wallets.

I have no option because too many cards to store


@Satyajit_Singh Is that Fi’s Debit Card kit?
Question. Do you take that box out if you’re going outside? :blob_worried:

Also, that’s a lot of cards!

Yes, this is Fi Debit Card Kit.

I only took 3 to 4 cards with me while going outside as per my priority.


yup but too costly :smile:

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Only 5. I rarely carry my wallet. 99% of the times it’s a tap via the phone’s NFC or UPI. Now that I have UPI for one of credit card and NFC for another, and all my debit cards except Jupiter :pensive: can do NFC, I only use it. Jupiter based payments are 99% on UPI.

Reiterating on an already raised feature request and already present on your Trello Board, please allow Jupiter cards to be added to Google Wallet. Will be really helpful.

PS: Digital India has made physical documents obsolete. I can show DigiLocker at the airport too but since DigiYatra is now available in major airports, I’m not even required to open anything up. I can safely put my wallet at home and travel the length and breadth of India. All kudos to the govt for making this amazing thing possible.


Well, for most of the daily use cases a card is not needed anymore…at least when we are in our country! However, I use a metal cardholder (attached) which I usually keep in my backpack in case I have to swipe my card or take money out of the atm. Just like the one @Shawnpinto mentioned in point no. 3!

@Vivek_Kumar_Jha Fancy! Is that brushed metal? Hope it’s not too sharp on the edges!
Also loving the leather like material in the middle.

Yeah that’s brushed metal. The edges are not very sharp so as to hurt!

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My Solution to the Card Storage issue :smiley: :laughing:


I have dozen or so cards, but I carry 2 credit cards and 2 debit cards since those are the ones I use anyway. If I am going to make a purchase where a certain card is needed, I carry that separately.

It works because my default card is very good and none of the alternatives come close to it.

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I have apple wallet case attached to my phone and i keep 3 cards there 2 debit and 1 credit

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Considering I need to manage the usage across multiple cards, I pick a card every month and transact using that card. For everyday transactions, credit card on UPI does the job. Guess I fall under number 1 and 5


Samsung wallet. I store almost my driving licence my pan, aadhar, and my other debit card. I hope jupiter also implements this, the because most of the people already requested this when Samsung wallet was introduced in India.

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Forgot to add these! @ShubhankitDhir
You mean, something like this?

They’re attached magnetically with MagSafe cases :magnet:
But that would also mean carrying around a bulky phone!

Slight advantage here since you get to carry some of your cards along with your phone though.

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