Mona Lisa painting vs Cake ๐ŸŽ‚

Youโ€™ll be seeing this all over the internet :globe_with_meridians:

The person who had done it was pretty sneaky too! He dressed up as an old woman in a wheelchair, ran up to the painting, and smeared cake on it :exploding_head:

Read more here - Caught On Camera: Man Disguised As Elderly Woman Smears Mona Lisa Portrait With Cake

But why though? :thinking:

Man trying to go to prison :c



let me out of jail!!

Man wanted media attention. Now he is famous :smiling_face_with_tear:

The man wanted to give a message to the world.

Hoomans are strange creatures indeed๐Ÿ˜‚

All that trouble for 1 message.
โ€˜Mission failed successfullyโ€™ :cry_cat:


The message is kinda important :wink:.
So all such trouble is justified I guess :joy:

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@Shawnpinto How are you able to embed gifs in there if I add sth like this media is more than 4 mb pops up instead of the original gif.:thinking:

@Mukesh_kumar_Bharti It seems some gifs provided in the Gif search are more than 4MB. Although, the platform only allows 4MB :eyebrow:

I used a gif which had a lower quality. That way, it wonโ€™t show up as a link without preview.

So how do we know if a gif is less than 4mb.
Is there any method efficient than trial and error?

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Sadly no, gotta cross fingers :crossed_fingers:t4: and pray that it doesnโ€™t exceed 4MB :cry_cat:
Or, we could just use our good olโ€™ Google images. But thatโ€™s a pain.

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Could you have a look over this.

Ah! missed that one. Lemme bring in the expert.