Account have been frozen

Same happened with me my account is blocked since 1 aug and debit is also block and they didn’t provide any valid reason for account blocking.

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Mail them on or
They will respond you but send mail only on ragister mail id.

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Actually it’s temporary restriction for sometime or system error, then manual testing team unblock you account after review.

Same thing happened with me on Jio payments Bank.


Out of sync transaction

Like more no of transactions than regular ?

Yes, some irregular activities, that’s don’t matched with your profile.

Can you elaborate what irregular transactions did you do in detail?
So that the whole community can get that info and awareness.

Nothing, it’s means pro active activities, like normal day you Debit and credit average 10k someday you received 1lac , or your normal usage everyday 5 transaction, one day your transaction 15 or plus… Like that

Blocking for this reason is bullshit.
Jupiter shouldn’t be freezing the accounts for such reasons as people make personal transactions in their savings accounts.

On 8th of August 2023 i received an email saying my account has been freezed for following reason

“We have observed that transactions in your account are not in sync with the profile you have declared at the time of account opening, due to which your account has been credit frozen.”

After that i have sent emails to unfreeze my account to and received automated response saying they will respond within 2 days.

Till now i have not received any response from Jupiter team.

Please someone from Jupiter team help me solve this issue.

@earu21 the process will involve multiple follow ups. The following blog should help you with the next steps and expectations -

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I have read everything, i am waiting for the reply from Jupiter’s team from last 15 days

@earu21 as of now the community is only equipped to assist by way of the blog that is shared in the above comment. Hence, it is recommended you continue to stay in touch with the Jupiter investigations team.

This is the same case also happens with me, you can follow, that step given by me in upper

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Wait what, you just need 2 working days…

Just check your inbox carefully.

Is your case solved by jupiter because same has happend with me

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Hai @Shraddhaprabhu Welcome to the community
I can see from the latest post by @Logeshkumar that his issue has been resolved.

Kindly go through this thread, you can definitely find a solution here, for the issue you are facing.

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Then Your Account is not freze by Jupiter and Federal Bank law enforcement department means Any person report your account for fraud and Cyber Cell/Police Freze your Account please Contact Cybercell/Police until Cybercell/Police not lift freze bank will not do anything because this is fraud case

Dear Sir/Madam,
My account has been blocked without any reason please look into it and resolve the issue as soon as possible.I am unable to withdraw/transfer any money from my account.Please do the needful at the earliest.


Hi @Neha_Raut. Welcome to the community!

And sorry that your account got frozen.

I guess you need to go through a loop to get it activated again.

I would request you to go through this thread for details.

For starters you need to send an email (from your registered email) to and

Hope you get your account back soon.

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