Account have been frozen

My Jupiter account is blocked today, maybe after evening :expressionless:
When I tried to UPI transfer via Paytm it’s showing me account blocked, then I tried via Jupiter it’s showing same…
When I opened Jupiter help it’s showing me to contact the cyber security email… Then I mailed them …
Let’s see how many days need to resolved by Jupiter, in FI Money the resolved within same day because it’s system detected security issue.

#1st time account blocked in Jupiter :rofl::rocket:

Edit: auto reply saying they response within two working days… Tomorrow is National Holiday

Edit; 2nd time, 15th August, 5.03 pm .

I received the email from Jupiter support today at 11 AM.

Follow up… then I received the email 4pm also today.

Edit… on 16th August… 8.54 PM

Today I received a mail from Jupiter Cyber Security team ( which team handling frozen or blocked account) on 10.08 AM ( within 1 business day after my mail)
. [ They block my all debit transaction due to security of my account… In previous day ( one single day ) I do many transactions via my Jupiter account ( 27+ debit and credit transaction) that’s reason they temporary block my all debit transaction…
And also they reconfirm me my occupation and income source.

Then I replied the all answers on 12.29 PM today. [ One thing they also said my profile mismatch with transaction and provide details on account opening time.]

I told them I recently resubmit or update my KYC via Federal Bank online portal or website.
I opened my account when I was a student with low income, now I’m Self employed previously salaried.

Then Jupiter team call me on 2.40 PM , they confirm my identity by asking my postal address pincode, then they say sorry for the problem I faced, they assured me my problem will be resolved as soon as possible ( within 8 business hours) , and ask if I have another problem, they they say the team highlight my issue.

Then they sent me this email after call end .

then I also received a mail that my ticket was closed on 5 pm maybe…

Then finally I received a mail from Jupiter Cyber Security team, that they unblocking my account within some business hours…

As per CEO @Jiten , if you are not wrong they definitely unblock your account.

As per my opinion Jupiter given me best customer care service :fire::rocket:
With fastest resolution
A happy user of Jupiter :gift:


This is unfortunate @sani , was there any crypto related trading or any big amount transaction from your end?

Or anything else which you may suspect.

Keep you updated, including all the process and timelines. It will be helpful for others.

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L man. Update us when your account gets unblocked if you can. Praying for ya :pray:

Nothing I do. It’s maybe I transfer and received multiple number of transaction in same day .
Number of transaction 27 maybe.
Let’s see what they reply…

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27 transactions?

Is it 4x time the number of transactions on normal day?

My average transaction in a day maybe 15 with Jupiter account.

Maybe 2x

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Strange, 2x should not be problem.

Anyway, let’s wait for official confirmation.
Do keep us updated and all the best. We hope, soon you will be able to resume your account activity.

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I think problem is not with the number of transactions but with value of transactions. Annual income mentioned while creating account and value of transactions now performing should be relevant.


Sounds logical, thanks for pointing it out.

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I send the mail also contact customer support but they are not answering correctly very rude talking and still they can’t find why my account still blocked.
Very irrespective, unprofessional and worst customer support :angry:.

Why was your Fi account frozen at all and did you get any resolution from Jupiter now?
Even the community champion’s account is getting frozen, LOL!!

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But I update my KYC 2 Times in previous


For me the customer service team is very polite kind and professional.

But sometimes they give deferent answer, idk why… Maybe there all services teams are deferent that’s why.


My fi account blocked previously two times but they don’t give me proper reason, but they say they mistakenly block my account… But they asking more information so I don’t reply them … Then they unblock my account when I login app.
** But in FI Money there was only credit block no debit block, so I transfer my all money after blocking.
In FI all things automated :rofl:

Yes my problem solved, you can see my original post which was edited… :point_up::point_up_2:

So what bro ? All police are honest ? What do you think

Jupiter community champions can be wrong, and you have full wright to prove that you are not wrong :hugs:


Update community :rocket: All restrictions removed from my Jupiter account, now I can fully access all features.
Here the ss .

If you ever faced this type issue here is the process to resolve.

Email IDs: , , , ,

Mail Subject: Account Blocked. < your Jupiter account number>

Mail Body :
Why my account is blocked, please unblock my account as soon as possible .
My mobile number is ########## ( your registered mobile number with Jupiter)
Email ID: ( your registered email)
Jupiter account number : 7777######## ( your Jupiter account number)

Send via your registered email, and wait for their reply.
And just co-operate with them, and give them all answers.

If you are right, they give access back.

If any problem, they close your account and back your all money another bank account details provided by you.

If any police or income tax related problems: they give you details of transaction, details about the complaint and the police/ tax officer contract number or email address. Then you need to contact the official and asking them for the NOC by them with official signature, signature and details about your account. Then send the pdf to the email IDs.

Thank you
Best wishes :rocket:


Congratulations @sani … Thanks for sharing the whole process in detail. :slight_smile:

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Thank you @sani for posting the detailed procedure.

I am sure it will be helpful for other community members in the unfortunate case of account freeze.

So what’s the reason for Jupiter freezing your account then?
Have they provided any?

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Dear Jupiter support team @Shawnpinto i have a request during my account blocked , my case on the nagpur police station is still going on , they are reported me that’ my account is blocked on the chain freeze so they told me to wait , so I’m ready for it and the investigation officer told that the cyber cell is only tell the bank to block a particular amount not the entire account , so i request the team to kindly unblock my account and freeze the particular amount the mail provided by the Jupiter no one is responding

I have very bad experience form Jupiter tele caller, i guess they have only one lady and shi is very rude, while talking she close my call multiple times, so it’s not a professional work at all.