My experience with Jupiter

Here are a few issues I am facing in just under a month of using Jupiter.

  1. Mobile recharge 4 out of 5 times fails.
  2. The chat section is extremely buggy.
  3. Sleep debit card toggle button won’t work most of the time tapping 3-4 times then it (after updating to latest version).
  4. My debit card is delivered and it’s with me now(delivered more than a week ago) , but till now in the app it’s showing debit card delivery failed.
  5. It doesn’t matter from which bank I make transactions that transactions will be shown under Jupiter bank, for example yesterday I made an UPI transaction from HDFC but that transaction is under Fedaral bank in the recent transactions section.
  6. Most of the time the app shows something snapped especially the pro tab and investment tab.
  7. Transactions of some linked banks won’t get updated (even after getting a traction message). For example I have BOB and HDFC, sometimes BOB transactions get reflected but not all the times, HDFC won’t get reflected at all.
  8. Overall app is not stable, yesterday I cancelled an auto payment, it mentioned unable to cancel after refreshing it was cancelled.

There are many more things which make me regard my decision to open a Jupiter account. I will give it a try for a few more days if such things keep on happening i will be left with no option then to close my account. I hope you will rectify these problems soon…


@Vignesh-hegde Thanks for sharing your details inputs! :blob_thanks:

We recently launched mobile recharge a few weeks ago. The team and our members are still testing it. Can you share what exactly failed, the plan and the error shown to you? We can have a look - Introducing Mobile Prepaid Recharge on Jupiter 📱

This is a known issue and it will be fixed in the next app release :grinning: It started from here - Chat Is Buggy

This shouldn’t have happened. We can get this checked.

Can you share a reference or a screenshot for this? If you’re on Android, please take the picture from another device.

Have you checked when the latest update was done? It may take a few hours sometimes.

We can turn things around :v:
I’d need more details on this, reaching out to you.

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I noticed this too yesterday.
Self transfer from IndusInd to Kotak on jupiter app showing in Federal bank transactions. :frowning:

Last update was today 9:30 am, I made transaction yesterday and received SMS from bank. But till now it’s not reflecting in the transaction.



Looks same like this for me too.

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It’s now working much better.


I don’t see any difference. It’s not working better for me.

Yes app is working better but not great

I just tried Fi money and Fedmobile App

Both are wonderfull.
As a Neobank, App is ur Product and u should priorities ur focus on it

On the otherhand, Fi money is magical.
Like its on a whole different technology.



We’re getting there :rocket:

So more revamps?

To be very honest, Jupiter UI is not any special.
In fact, I find things repetitive and there’s a lot to optimise.
The designing area has much to be worked on.
The only reason am sticking to Jupiter is Categorization and POTS.
But am sure, the team is working on it taking feedback from the community and will be there soon.
Fintech apps attract customers with the UI with graphics and all which Jupiter is not focusing on.
This is the area along with the features that needs to be focused on.
Would really like to see Jupiter taking the UX places.
The day it happens am gonna uninstall all other 3rd party apps from the mobile and use Jupiter for everything.


Vineel, I believe the current focus to role out features that will make users stick and keep coming back for more while adopting a minimalist approach to design. Agree eventually when some of the features that are being planned are rolled, there could be a focused sprint on design upgrades.

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Yes, agree. The main focus is on features right now but it’s going at a very slow pace if you notice and every day people find some or other bug with them.
The bug solving is also very slow which is little disappointing.
Coming to minimalistic approach to design, it’s minimal but not attractive.
You can keep it simple and attractive at the same time. The later is missing here.
In fact, the UI is pretty more or less similar to the conventional banking apps except for the latency.
I understand I’m being critical here, but it’s the truth when you compare to other fintech apps.

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Video link :

I am attaching video link for this issue, please been so many days I am facing lots of issues with the app. Please resolve it.

This issue is not yet resolved. :pensive:

@Vignesh-hegde i know you would have heard this a million times. Would request you to share these with the support team via email. This will be ensure a ticket is created and the issues are tracked to closure.

@Vignesh-hegde Did you try clearing the app data and cache of the app!
If still the issue persist. As @yagnesh01 Sir said, kindly connect with the support team and provide them with detailed information about the error you encountered, including the screen recording. This will help them understand the issue better and provide you with an appropriate solution.

This helps!
I’ll pass this on to the team to have a look. We’ll need to reproduce this to see if it’s a bug, once done, we’ll get back to you.

But yes, since you’ve raised many items to look at, I suggest you raise a ticket with the support team and they’ll take it one by one. It’s easier to track the status for each.


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