Chat Is Buggy

Chat Icon / Help Section.

Takes a lifetime to load then It stuck on clicking send.

Keyboard opens late too. and its short


Dear @Bilal24 ,
As we have discussed earlier, these slowness and app performance may be phone specific/app specific.

In such cases it is always recommended to capture the video recording and contact Shawn via DM or to raise a service request by mailing to

I have been using Oppo Reno 3 pro for the last few years and I checked the issues mentioned with regards to chat/help section and it works fine. (I have only 1 gb phone memory/space left)

I can definitely relate to this issue as well.

In fact, there have been several instances where other members have encountered similar problems while using the in-app chat support feature.



Exactly, when I tap on send, the app freezes and then processes late. If we click on the send button multiple times it usually opens the attach media page. It is really a struggle.

I know you and @yagnesh01 don’t face any issues. I humbly request you please don’t try to resist us everytime. Many of us are facing similar issues and want to get them fixed. So please don’t interfere in every post. Sorry for my words.

@ManishSaini not resisting you at all. All I am saying is when the issue is with a specific user set, the troubleshooting does take time due to need of recreating the issues at a profile level in a staging environment. Hence, in such situations the timeline for resolution is usually longer than expected and needs continuous exchange of information and engagement.

Such issues are very rare which only a few people have to face. I am baffled as to why Jupiter treats its users in a double-faced manner. All users of the app should get the same system but Jupiter doesn’t do that. It is different for all people. Like just a few days ago in the scanner revamp almost everyone got the zoom icon but not me. Almost everyone has got the search icon but not @saurabh.s . Some people get updates early but some get delayed. Similarly, it is happening now that Jupiter has remained intense for you and very slow for some of us. When you make a conflicting statement in every post, the Jupiter team thinks everything is fine but we are lying.

Manish, I will not deny that there have been difference in timelines when updates come through to everyone or difference in the app experience. Where you see me contradicting you, I see it as way to rule out variables so that a focused approach can be taken for troubleshooting.

One also needs to work patiently to with the teams involved in the troubleshooting to take the issues to their logical closures which I am sure you do. Like I have mentioned, when issues are traced to specific user sets, then troubleshooting approach becomes user specific as well.

I really cannot do much to change the way you perceive certain comments.

I’ve spent a lot of time with Jupiter but as far as I can tell they may offer different versions of the app for everyone but when it comes to issues they don’t offer solutions for everyone’s issues one by one. They look at most cases from a general perspective and move to fix only when they see a problem common to most people. If the problem of some people is solved then still many people are left who have to face that problem. So I think instead of being double faced Jupiter should look at every problem in such a way that no one has to face it again.

Guys Lets don’t fight,

Honestly I think the only approach should be from the Jupiter Team for it be acknowledged as the Bug and start working or atleast note it down on their to do list.

I have seen Jupiter app Bugs quite similar to Traditional Bank App Bugs like Yono SBI and HDFC.

Well, I have seen IOS users not facing these issue (Never been Jealous of Iphone Users before :smiling_face_with_tear:)


Hey Bilal, second you on your observation of a note being taken of the bugs being reported.

The message exchange with Manish - that’s our friendly banter. :slightly_smiling_face:

Even I have same issue, while chatting with expert chat section is lagging too much. Some times I have to close app and reopen.


This issue has been raised within the team. This is something we will be looking at.

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Correct I have seen that if I click on the the send button two times the file selector opens up. Like I usually click it two times because the button is so slow.

One question, is this happening for Android folks?
Wondering if any iOS users are facing this.

@Shawnpinto check out this issue. I tried sending messages to chat but it is not getting reflected. It works after few attempts. this issue appears randomly. Is it just me?

jupiter v2.1.1

Here is the video(sry for the bad quality :melting_face: ):


This helps! Thanks @Aswin_Benny

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Just wondering how did u screen recorded

Which app did u used , isn’t it should be blocked. or there should be blank screen for Preinstalled screen screen recorder.

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I can record the screen without PC in android. Let me also share a video.

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