Facing lag or app freeze while typing in the chat support

A few weeks back when I was trying to use chat in the customers support section of the app, I faced this lag and app freeze issue when trying to write my trouble/problem there. It makes it impossible for me to write my issues there. I have to write it in other apps, copy/cut the lines there and paste in the app so I can get my issues resolved. I talked with customer care executive on call regarding this issue but as he explained that till now they haven’t heard anything in this regard from any users.
If anyone faced this issue, do let them know so they can fix this problem.

@DEvilAnimeGuy i have not used chat support for sometime now. I prefer sending an email to the support as it allows me to include attachments if any.

That’s an alternative solution but one should acknowledge that Chat Support feature of the App is Buggy (at least for me)


Sir ckyc kar dijya

Mera payment use account my ha

Mery account my Paisa ha

@DEvilAnimeGuy I’ve also had this issue for a long time. It’s Android and phone specific I think.

The Jupiter Team is aware of this issue. I suppose they are working on this or there is no solution to this problem without a major app overhaul.

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Thank you Alex for confirming this. I hope they’ll fix this issue. I’ve shifted my banking completely to Jupiter Federal bank. But if such issues remain their it will sure affect a lot of users. Some might shift to other banking platform or apps.

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