Facing issue while chatting with customer support

There is an issue when I start chatting with the customer support team and afte sometimes the app is not responding. I have to kill the app from the background to reply.


It is a bit laggy to send messages. Sometimes I had to press the send button repeatedly and it accidentally presses the attachment button.

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I did not face this issue today. I reached out to the support via the in app chat feature.

I can relate to your experience with in-app chat support, as I have had similar issues with it feeling slow and unresponsive.

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Always on or auto starting feature should be on in your device.

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Facing the same issue from last year, Try attaching an image How does it respond? Many things have to be improved. I pointed out several issues many times but they didn’t care when I reported them. It’s

I created a post but there was no one who was facing those issues.

Delayed response. At that time I feel that my device is hanged.

It does not matter. I tried everything.

You are very lucky man that you have never faced any issue in Jupiter app. Hope you never face any issue in future also.

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@ManishSaini, @yagnesh01 sir is not the only one. I haven’t had any significant problems with my Jupiter app so far, so I haven’t had a chance to use the chat feature to connect with support representatives. When I encounter minor issues, I usually turn to the community for assistance because I find that this method is faster and I can get solutions from either team members or community friends.

My wild guess regarding the “app not responding” problem may be related to the phone. I encountered similar issues with other apps when I used a Redmi phone in the past, and I believe the main issue was the limited device storage and performance, as that phone only had 2 GB of RAM.

By the way, congratulations on completing a year at the Jupiter community @Satyajit_Singh . Happy anniversary, my friend :confetti_ball: :confetti_ball: :confetti_ball: :birthday: :birthday: :cake:

Thanks @razack
I can’t imagine it’s 1 year i have been joined jupiter community.


Hey @Satyajit_Singh can you let us know if you’ve faced this recently?

Also, Congrats to our ace bug hunter! :star_struck:

This is a known issue. It will be fixed.

But the feedback on the chat being slow after connecting to an agent seems strange. We’ll raise this with the team.


Yes, recently facing this issue

If there is a device issue then all the apps should run slow. But if only one app is running slow then it is the issue of the app. Good thing you never face issue but there are many people here who face the same issues and also honestly tell those issues. And if any issue is user specific then shouldn’t it be fixed ? like for last 1 year mobile verification failed error was occurring only for me. The performance of an app cannot always be attributed to the device, when other apps and even high graphics games are running smoothly then how can there be a device issue.

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