Introducing Mobile Prepaid Recharge on Jupiter 📱

Hello everyone!

Greetings from the Jupiter Bill Payments team :wave:

You heard that right! Mobile Prepaid Recharges are now on Jupiter!
We have given early access to our Community members so that they can try it out first. :slight_smile:

What is Bill Payment and why on Jupiter?

Jupiter just makes it more seamless. We have added the most awaited category Mobile Prepaid recharges in the Recharge section on Bill Payments.


What is available right now in Mobile Prepaid Recharges?

All plans of major operators - Airtel, Jio, VI, and others

How to get started?

All the eligible users having app version 2.0.19 & above can start the journey via the Pay Bills tab on the Home page.

  1. Update your App to the latest version.
  2. Click on the “Pay bills” tab on the home screen.
  3. Click on the Mobile Prepaid icon in the Recharge section
  4. Enter the mobile number (Choose from phone contacts or manually enter)
  5. Select a recharge plan
  6. Review your recharge details
  7. Click on Recharge and enter your M-PIN.
  8. And it’s done. Voila!

We need your help in understanding the following:

  • Tell us what you like/don’t like about our mobile prepaid recharge feature - Design, Exploration, and Payment process.
  • If you’ve already been using other platforms/apps for recharges, what is the one thing you liked on those platforms that you’d like to see on Jupiter?
  • Anything else on your mind


  • If you don’t see it yet, it would mean you’ve joined the Community a bit later
  • In that case, you will get access to the feature in 2-3 weeks when it rolls out to a larger audience

Let us know your initial thoughts below!


@AbhishekSaraswat Welcome to the Community Sir :+1: and Thanks for introducing this much-awaited feature. :cool_doge: :cool_doge:

I mainly use Simpl PayLater for recharges, and the reminder feature about the expiry of the validity of the current plan (for others also, if we have recharged for family members or friends) is the one Jupiter needs to consider if it is not there.


I have tried out the recharge functionality, works very well.
However I had a different question about paying Postpaid broadband connection bills. There is no Jiofiber biller to pay bills for, I am not sure if its Jio not integrating with BBPS or something else. Can you please check this.
Thanks in advance :blob_thanks:

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I use Amazon Pay or Cred as they provide reminders as well as cashbacks.


I am using the latest version of the Jupiter app (2.0.19), but unfortunately, I haven’t been able to get the feature yet.:frowning:

No way…:thinking: Since you are an active community member, you should definitely have to get that feature live.
Did you checked those steps (Pay Bills Tab)?

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It was a much awaited feature on Jupiter @AbhishekSaraswat …It would also be cool if we can provide cashbacks for all recharge options :heart_eyes:

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I did check but it’s not there :neutral_face:

I saw Jio Plans. The categories should be displayed correctly. You can copy the same as provided in the Myjio app. Users won’t feel much friction then.
For example, i usually recharge with value plan of 84 days, but i am unable to find that plan on Jupiter.

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Mine to…prepaid section has not came yet on my device…App is uodated to the latest version :slightly_smiling_face:

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If possible, try uninstalling and reinstalling the app. There is no chance that the feature is not yet made available to you.

You do not fall under these two categories, so it has to be there somehow. :eyebrow: :eyebrow:

Also, I initially didn’t get the access to the new account statement feature that was released last week, while other community members already got that. However, I got the access only after connect with the team.

I really appreciate the search function with the days option available in the recharge section. It was my first time seeing this feature. Although I also use Simpl Paylater and Google Pay for recharges, they do have a search option, but not with the days filter. Even in Google Pay, searching for 28 days results in many unsorted results. However, Jupiter’s implementation is spot on. :+1: :+1:

Disliked: The contact syncing is somewhat slow and takes around 3-4 seconds to display all contacts (1994 saved contacts, may be that’s the issue :eyebrow:).

@saurabh.s This Seems to be an access issue. Since you’re an older member on the forum, we’ll check. :mag:

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Hey Devansh, just checking which plan are you referring to. I am seeing two 84 days plan in the prime combo pack section.

@AbhishekSaraswat Here are my observations -

  1. The section is placed prominently in the bill payment section which is good. Very happy that the provider names are getting detected with accuracy. Tested it with 5 different numbers & every time the provider was correct. While there is some difference in the placement of recharge packs under different categories, I was able to find the recharge packs that I usually recharge for. The payment experience was very seamless. Received a confirmation message from Jio instantly.
  2. I typically use Cred, Gpay with Axis Ace Card, Amazon with Amazon Pay ICICI card for cashback. This might be a bit tricky for Jupiter.
  3. I see MTNL has been included in the provider category. Are there plans to include BSNL as well as that has a bulk of users? May not be the target audience. Just stating this from a merchant availability perspective.

First give me access to my account. I’m unable to use it since I updated phone number…

@Naveen_Jain Suggest you report this via the support channels & if you have already done that and not received a response that resolves your issue, send the ticket# and related details to Shawn via DM and he will assist in getting you connected with the correct team for a faster resolution.

Hello Naveen Jain, welcome to the Jupiter Community.
I noticed that you replied via email to the thread about prepaid recharges. However, there is a high chance that you may miss the follow-up responses to your query. Therefore, I suggest that you create a separate topic under the “Help” section of the community and provide details of your issue. This way, any of the community members or the Jupiter team can assist you as soon as possible.
Additionally, you can raise a support ticket by emailing your issue to or by contacting customer care at 08655055086 (available from 9 am to 9 pm).

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Might be there, that’s why i told it would be much better if they can replicate headers from the one that is there in Myjio, it would be much better.