Introducing Mobile Prepaid Recharge on Jupiter 📱

It’s working perfectly, and the option and browsing speed and recharge confirmation really fast :fire:

Another good option their is no platform charge :sunglasses: now we can compare Jupiter with popular banking app like ICICI imobile


Not showing in my account… pl add fast…

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@pankajbhatt if you are Jupiter Labs tester and still not seeing it, then reach out to Shawn via DM to get your profile checked. If you are not registered, then this feature will be rolled to you in a few days after testing and bug fixes.

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Even though I am an active member, I have not yet received the feature.

This is expected for some users.
If the Community account details are different from the Jupiter account details, it could be the reason.

Eg: Email ID
Just checking, @saurabh.s is yours the same?


Now, I understand now why I’ve been experiencing the issue. I have registered for the community using my secondary email.

However, I registered for the lab testing using the same details as my Jupiter account.

Uh oh, that’s probably why.
While we check if we can add folks on ad hoc basis, this will be rolled out to all users in a week or so.

You’ll receive it anyways :blob_thanks:

In the meantime, you should update your Community email ID. This can be done in preference (settings) > Primary email.


Thank you for the suggestion. However, I prefer to use separate email ids to keep my primary inbox organized and free from clutter. This helps me to stay focused on important emails and ensures that I don’t miss any important messages.

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Could someone please confirm if they are also experiencing the same issue as me? I have noticed that it takes more than 5 seconds now to display the contacts. Is the number of contacts causing the issue?

Other than this issue, all other features such as browsing plans and recharge confirmations are super fast just like @sani said.

I have a few suggestions to add, which is to include:

  • an option to mark frequently recharged numbers as ‘favourites’
  • an option of ‘repeat recharge’.

Also, the recharge reminders before 1-2 days of plan expiry.
@Shawnpinto @AbhishekSaraswat

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I have a suggestion. Instead of syncing and showing all the contacts, what if there is a contact logo, then if someone clicks on it then it shows all contacts of our phone as usually we recharge on 3-4 max numbers.

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To summarise the inital testing:

  • Expected cashback on prepaid mobile recharges
  • Jio plans aren’t shown correctly, we need to check if we can add them.
  • Current issue: The contact syncing is somewhat slow and takes around 3-4 seconds to display all contacts
  • Browsing speed and scrolling are fast
  • Some users aren’t seeing it yet, Probably because they are new Community users who aren’t in the segment/different account details.
  • Option to mark frequently recharged numbers as ‘favorites’
  • Option of ‘repeat recharge’
  • Auto recharge option should be included on the expiry of the plan.
  • BSNL is not reflecting as an operator for recharge.
  • Jio plans - 19 and 29 , it’s showing on
    Paytm, but not showing on Jupiter.
  • Recharge reminders before 1-2 days of plan expiry.

Auto recharge option should be included too on expiry of the plan.


Thanks all, please continue testing the tab and let us know your thoughts.
We’ll be collating all the suggestions here and pass them on to the Payments team to pick them up based on priority and use cases.


@Shawnpinto BSNL is not reflecting as an operator for recharge.

I am also not getting the feature @Shawnpinto My community and account email is the same🙂

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May be you joined the community a bit late, as I can see its March 2023 :rofl: But, Don’t worry, as mentioned, I think within 2-3 weeks, it would be available to all users. :+1:

My recharge is due next week, I am looking forward to trying the feature. Hopefully, it will be available by then.


I was also excited to try the feature like @saurabh.s bro as I always pay my landline bill on Jupiter App…I was an early member on Jupiter app but a late bird to the community😂 @Shawnpinto please roll it out to excited community members like us🤗

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We’re checking if we can add folks on ad hoc basis :crossed_fingers:

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Jio have New plan 19 and 29 , it’s showing on Paytm, but not showing on Jupiter.

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