ADD Prepaid mobile recharge, LiC India payment

Please add more payment lists,
Such as prepaid mobile recharge, LIC India payment, movies booking like Paytm.

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Hello @Vignesh-hegde, welcome to the community!
I would like to request that you update the app to the latest version, as the option for prepaid mobile recharge is now available. As for LIC payment and movie booking, we can expect these features to be added in the near future.
You can see details here:

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Some exciting news coming today :v:

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Prepaid Mobile recharge feature is finally here📱

@Vignesh-hegde Since You have joined Today only, Please double-check whether the feature is there or not.


  • If you don’t see it yet, it would mean you’ve joined the Community a bit later
  • In that case, you will get access to the feature in 2-3 weeks when it rolls out to a larger audience