New Bill payments feature

Bill payments feature is live :zap::zap:

I cant find prepaid phone recharge, there is only postpaid… :smiling_face_with_tear:
@Shawnpinto Is it a coming soon feature :thinking:

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Where’s this available? Hidden code or is it rolling out? :eyes:

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@Binoy No it was a button on homepage below balances called pay bills…

Jupiter app is not loading now. Maybe a bug that i saw those button.

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Not available for me. They’re testing it for sure :+1:

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yes. maybe it is so

You being the resident bug hunter got early access I guess :wink:

@Binoy Check this page. I really liked this colour combination (feels satisfying for my eyes). Whoever did this part is :blobsmart: :boom: :boom: Screenshot is bit blurry but i like this screen.


No dues? Hence not populated I guess :roll_eyes:

Can’t comment on the choice of color’s before experiencing it personally. Hope with all these colors it won’t turn into an ‘Avial’ of sorts. :sweat_smile:

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@Binoy :joy:. I payed the bills before, maybe thats why it shows no dues.

I liked the pattern of colour (dark +light)

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Will the bills that I look for today, like Gas, Broadband, Electricity, etc. be fetched automatically again next month?
Without me having to look up or search for them again?


It’s live now! Pay Bills feature is available on Jupiter v1.5.46 :partying_face:

Yeah, @Aswin_Benny no prepaid mobile recharge! Also, being a BBPS integration only BoB is available as a biller for credit cards.


Not available for me

Make sure you’re on the latest version 1.5.46!

Quick feedback: The app UI/ copy doesn’t help much when you don’t have a payment due for billers like the state electricity and water authority.

Instead of leaving it blank, a message like what other apps display would help!

Also, right now, even for no due payments the UI is littered with pending payment cues all along. Kill this!

Yes, I’m on the latest version!

yes. i agree

I guess it’s only for the Jupiter Labs users. Are you a member of the Jupiter Labs? :eyes:


I don’t see this right now. It’s pretty bare bones to start with. But, this feature is a given down the line for sure.

Yes, i am :man_walking:t2: