Transactions getting failed

Iam trying to make transactions using my Jupiter debit card,but it is getting failed again and again. I checked that all the transactions settings are enabled. When i contacted customer support in app, they are saying that the transaction is of restricted category,and not allowing to make payment. But actually that transaction was regarding bill payment. I pay my bills in mobikwik app using Jupiter debit (every month). Earlier every month i used to make transactions,but now iam not able to make.

Please try to fix this debit card error as soon as possible.


It may be some temporary technical issue. I suggest to disable all transactions category (like offline, online, pos) and enable once again. Also, please double check if there is sufficient balance in your Jupiter main account.
Also, suggest you to create a support ticket by mailing to
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@Vaibhav_Jain this is my assumption but there definitely seems to be an issue in using Jupiter on MobiKwik. The card does face issues and adding the account just does not work.


I have already created a support ticket in Jupiter app, and this was the reply i got:- " this payment was in restricted category, namely-‘quasi cash’ " ,but actually it is in bill payment. Jupiter has mistaken the category and the transactions were getting declined. So i messaged to resolve this issue