Card getting declined on international ecommerce transaction

Hello everyone, I am new user of Jupiter banking and I tried to place an international e-commerce transaction using my virtual debit card but its getting cancelled every time I try to initiate it

P.s.: I haven’t completed my full video-KYC so maybe that why it is getting cancelled? but I got access to my debit card so wont i be able to perform my online transactions? (Am from India)

Hi @The_Rationaliser ,
did you turn on international transactions in debit card settings, also check the daily limit.

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Yupp its on and limit is quite high which wont be issue. and although my debit account is active my full video-kyc is left. so this can be the cause of issue?

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Only Jupiter team can confirm it I guess. Better raise a ticket.

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Okay i’ll give it a try

Also Check with card details entered on the site especially name.
From my previous experience, sometimes the middle name needs to be shortened to just a single first letter.

The help bot is telling that it was some issue from jupiter’s side but am trying to initiate the transaction from yesterday and facing same problem of card getting declined.

You can contact the support team by sending an email to or by calling helpline at 08655055086 (available 9am - 9pm).

Please provide them with detailed information about the error you encountered, including any error messages or screenshots, if possible. This will help them understand the issue better and provide you with an appropriate solution.

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