Jupiter's "security" causes genuine forex transactions to fail

A few months ago I tried to purchase something from Amazon USA using Jupiter DC and then eBay USA and Temu.com and get it shipped to my sister in US. Jupiter denied the transactions citing some suspicious activity. Eventually I did the 3 transactions using Niyo Global debit card and IDFC First WOW credit card, both of which are 0 forex.

Just an area for you guys to improve if you care. Have a feature in the app where the user can mark or “inform” the app that he’s gonna do an international transaction, maybe via OTP or some extra verification in advance. And THEN DON’T DENY THE TRANSACTION. Generally, if international transactions are off by default, logging in to the app and turning them on should be enough. But it wasn’t in my case as the transaction failed. I had no time to waste so Jupiter won’t be my choice of debit card for forex ever again unless the team does something proactive about fixing this.


It’s not Jupiter, it’s controlled by federal Bank…

Maybe federal Bank system found something suspicious in the transaction… Like first time highest payment, highest payment limit set , continually trying to payment, wrong OTP or cvv or some details put previously, limit set within 24 hours…etc.

You can contact with Jupiter via chat/call or federal Bank via call or e-mail thats you are trying to payment… They will approve the payments in future.

Oh sure when the time comes to resolve any issues, Jupiter (or its fanboys) will delegate responsibility to Federal Bank and Federal Bank says contact Jupiter.

I had no issues with Fi card so it’s not Federal Bank as such. Anyway, it’s Jupiter’s loss. I’ve no time to waste resolving silly transaction denied errors, I’ll just do transaction with another 0% forex card that works.

Anyway it was not a large amount, limit was set well above it, trying for first time, correct OTP and correct details but you seem to be a strong Jupiter defender so whatever. Like I said, it’s their loss if we don’t use their card and use some other instead :joy: I don’t have to fix or change anything, if Jupiter is adamant and has such an attitude, nobody will use their card for forex transactions with a high failure rate. I even contacted Jupiter through Twitter at that time and didn’t even get a reply.

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Hey there! We value your business and regret that you were disappointed. We’re connecting with you via DM to sort this out.

Fi card act like a federal Bank owned debit card not a co branded card.

That’s why you faced the issue you need to wait 24 hours after set a limit and international transaction on .

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Will be sure to avoid Jupiter then for forex transactions. I am not the one to “plan” my transactions and need full rights WHEN I WANT IT.


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