Drawbacks in International transactions

Hey Jupiter Team,
First of all thanks for providing such platform which is perfect for current digital revolution. I was onboarded with early access and was in first 100 users which made me really excited when i opened this account.
I’m trying move my financial activities to Jupiter and currently using for daily/small usage and definately it’ll become my main account one day :heart:
Now coming to the issues i faced recently.
I was trying to do an international payment and forgot to change transaction limit (as by default I’ve turned off int txn and set limit to zero). Eventually transaction was failed but what i noticed that some amount got debited from my account and refunded back within 1-2 min. Attaching screenshot of the same -

Next i changed txn limit and tried again for payment which was successful without any authentication/otp, attaching screenshot of that too-

So my query is -

  1. How money got debited if limit was set to ‘ZERO’?

  2. My transaction was successful without any otp, Why? How? If it’s like that it’ll be always risky if someone forgot to disable int txn on his/her card.

Hoping to get proper response in this issue.

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@Vipul_Mehta can you look in to it

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This has also happened with me. I try to pay for a subscription via iTunes. And my transaction had failed too. There’s some issue with international transactions.

@mschahar i can answer the 2nd point for you. Since, you are making an international transaction, the national regulatory rules doesn’t apply to these transactions. Hence, in some cases, if you choose an international payment gateway, you can pass a payment without requesting OTP.

Hi Mahendra,

For point no. 1 - We are getting it checked in detail, and will come back on this.
For point no. 2 - For international transactions, there are a few PG and merchants for whom OTP is not a requirement. So, in those scenarios the transaction happens without OTP. From a trust and safety perspective,
a. Would request you to set a limit on international transactions or keep it disabled if you are not using it regularly.
b. In case of fraud, the chargeback mechanism in cases without OTP is much stringent and the onus lies on the merchant who is receiving the funds without OTP. So, the probability of getting the money back from merchant is much higher.
Hope this helps.


RBI Guidelines does not apply in international transactions that’s why your transaction was successful without a OTP.

Can a setting be provided in app which allows user to explicity mention whether or not they want their international transaction to go through without otp or not? I want all my international transactions to go through only after OTP authentication.

I think this is on Visa and merchants end, Jupiter or Federal probably won’t be able to do anything

Not possible at all.

RBI guidelines not applied in international transaction.

That doesn’t mean banks can’t have their own guidelines. OTP provides safety for transactions.

For example

You are doing transaction in United States
So RBI Guidelines can’t be applied there.

Us Government has their own Central Bank their central bank rules is there is no OTP Required for Online Transaction.

So that’s why you are not required for OTP and bank aslo can’t provide OTP in International Transaction.

Next To Impossible.

If US Government Central Bank Agreed then there is no problem.

Money isn’t being debited from Central Bank account of United States, it’s being debited from Jupiter account so Jupiter gets to decide whether to allow or reject a transaction. So what Central bank does is completely irrelevant here.

It is true that foreign gateways are not bound to ask for OTP verification but that doesn’t mean that it cannot be implemented by mutual consent. Jupiter can get in touch with major foreign gateways and if both parties agree, add OTP verification page for the users who enable this option in their Jupiter account.

like RBI is main

In US Central Bank Is Main

I know that but where does it say that you absolutely cannot implement OTP verification. You are not required to and you cannot do are two entirely different things.

Indian Bank Can’t do anything

These all depends on Foreign Government.

I hold 30+ Bank Accounts I know what I’m saying okay.

Every Bank International Transaction Not Required OTP and what I studied I told you.

Sorry for The rude Behaviour

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I will wait for someone from Jupiter team to confirm whether adding OTP verification is technically possible or not. Once again OTP not required and cannot implement OTP are two different things. My guess is that it can be done if Jupiter can get some foreign payment gateways on board.

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30+ bank accounts? b r u h

@jiten will confirm its not possible.

When India’s popular like HDFC, ICICI,Kotak,SBI etc is not doing that.

Then how Jupiter will do??

Maximum All Are Zero Balance Account.