Transaction in USD declined


Yesterday, I was trying to send around $100 USD to someone using PayPal.

There were two options, one where PayPal charges in INR and another one where PayPal chages in USD and you bank do the conversion. I picked the later one as it will cost me less, PayPal fees are ridiculously high.

I tried with Jupiter debit card but the transaction got failed. PayPal said bank declined the transaction.

Then I tried with an IDFC debit card and the transaction went through.

Isn’t it possible to pay in USD using Jupiter card? Please look into this issue. Thanks.


You have to enable International Transaction by default international transactions is off.

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International transactions are turned on. That’s not the issue.

Any updates on this?

Hi Rahit, this needs to be rectified by PayPal, have taken it up with our network partner VISA, but it will take some time based on past experience when we faces such issues with merchants.

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I am also facing the same issue while doing payment for google play developer console. It gives the following error:- Your card issuer declined your payment. Declines are often due to insufficient funds or card status. Check your card or select a different payment method. yes i have activated international transaction on jupiter.