Your card issuer declined your payment

I have created Jupiter account especially for international transactions. But after making the account and activating international transaction my transaction still fails. I am trying to pay money to create an account on google play developer console but it shows the following error:-
Your card issuer declined your payment. Declines are often due to insufficient funds or card status. Check your card or select a different payment method.
An SMS is send from VM-FEDBANK:-
Hi, Rs.77.69 is reversed to your A/c XXXXXX on 31may 2022 for transaction using your debit card at XXXXXXXXXX.
Why am i getting this error I am really frustrated.

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Im facing the same issue towards all Google services including Gsuit and Google Play.

The amount is debited after we verify with our otp then it shows โ€œA internal server error occurredโ€ then after 7 days i believe funds were returned.

never cared to contact support about this though.

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Hey @RahulMool

We understand your concern. Your issue is being highlighted to our concerned team to help in resolving your issue.

We see that you have reached out to our chat support. As soon as we have an update from our team, we shall keep you informed via chat.

Thank you.