Instagram ads payment

Can’t I make instagram ad payment through Jupiter visa debit card? @Shawnpinto
Because it’s showing like failed payment is caused by authentication added by the bank.

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Did you enabled the international transactions option from the debit card controls?

Yes, it’s enabled

OK, I suggest using the chat option within the app for a faster response.
Tagging @arp4na and @Nikhil_Godbole @Jiten hope that they can offer a solution or clarification. :v:t2:

some international merchants block debit txns and accept only CC txns. it could be one of possible reason for decline


Is there any solution?

There is dependency on the merchant and payment services they use for processing payments. If they do not support debit card payments, that will be road block.

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But they do support debit visa card.

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@Parineetha in this case, it is highly recommended that you report this to the support team via in the in app chat or support email (

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