Unable to add Debit card as a payment method in Gpay

Hi team, I have tried other debit cards which includes NiyoX, ASAP and paytm debitcards…they are adding inside Gpay but I could not add Jupiter debit card. I hope it gets resolved.


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Are you sure you added NiyoX and Paytm Debit cards on Google pay?
Because Google pay doesn’t support Paytm Payments Bank and Equitas Bank Visa debit cards as of now.

And Jupiter team has confirmed that Tokenization is on their road map.
So,I think once it is live you will be able to add you Jupiter Debit Card on Google pay.

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Here (not Gpay app I meant adding cards from pay.google.com)

Here’s the screenshot of the error

Hi Ranjeth,
We are getting this checked by our technical team, will come back ASAP.

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