Can't use Google pay nfc card payment

I can’t add a Debit Card in Google pay for the tap to pay feature. I have added FI Debit Card(by federal bank) and working flawlessly😵‍💫

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Same , Jupiter has not supported it yet …

I am requesting it for many times …

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This is picked up!
However, it should be supported by this quarter. We’re trying to make it earlier :crossed_fingers:t3:


Woh sab teekh hai…… but How soon do we get dark mode, senor?

@nateavi We’re slowly transitioning into it! You must have seen some sections/banners in the app with the space/dark theme. That’s how we’re starting it.

Oh and did you know, some Android OS’s can force enable dark mode for apps :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sobs in iOS.