Add Tap and Pay feature on Jupiter app

:smiley: Kindly add Tap and Pay feature on Jupiter app which enables users to transact at various shops using their NFC enabled handsets.

:partying_face:This feature is currently available on Gpay, Paytm and SBI card app.

:frowning:When I tried adding Jupiter card to Google pay it denied saying that this feature is not supported by your bank for this card yet.

:rocket:Kindly resolve this issue and add the same feature to Jupiter :flying_saucer:

Hey @viku welcome to the community! :rocket:

Regarding the Tap and Pay functionality, we have this on the roadmap but we haven’t picked it up yet.

Do you have ideas on how this could be integrated into the app? Here’s a concept shared by @RSSM . Here - NFC-Payments through our phones

Question, is it available only for aggregator apps like Gpay, PhonePe, etc and not banks? Not sure if it’s available on the SBI app.

Regarding adding the Jupiter card on Gpay, it’s a known issue. We’re working on this :hammer_and_wrench:

As per integration is concerned,

It would be more secure and convenient if app has one more feature which enables user to use the tap and pay feature besides the contactless feature already available on Jupiter.
In other words, app should have one feature for card based contactless transactions and another feature (Tap and Pay) exclusively for NFC phones

:relaxed: Benefits which other app providers like Gpay, SBI cards lacks…
It would allow user to manage individual settings and thereby preventing contactless fraud.

I am currently using on Gpay and SBI card.

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These are very helpful! @viku
Thanks, bud.

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