NFC-Payments through our phones

Hey, So today I was at INOX and realized that I had left my Jupiter card at home. I asked them if I could UPI but they refused and told me that they don’t accept it. (Ended up paying with a credit card sigh) So it got me thinking.

What about making it so we can pay with our cards through NFC directly via the Jupiter app or add it onto apps like Samsung Pay or Google pay? And still get cashback or not, Cashback doesn’t matter to me atleast.


Why not pay via UPI?
My response: Some stores don’t accept it. (Especially here in Kolkata)

Go back and bring our card?
My response: Some times we may forget or loose them and especially when you are in a situation where you are purchasing food or clothes and realize that you cannot go back and bring them/ or wait for a new card to come. And since I’m travelling I cant even get a card, since I’m not home. We carry our phones all the time, but not our wallets.

Use Cash?
My response: If we don’t have our cards, we cannot withdraw cash.

How does this work?
My response: It is the same technology on our cards called NFC. It comes on all modern phones now a days.

Safety-ness of this?
My response: I guess this one matters on you, Jupiter allows us to turn on/off Contactless payments so maybe use that as a safeguard? Anyways there is a lock on financial apps like Jupiter/Gpay/Samsung pay so its pretty safe and Gpay even makes a different card number so your number is never leaked. (test it out, it works), Much safer than a card that just requires a tap to make payments without any pin.

How many banks have these?
My response: Many have it, like kotak, axis, icici, Federal bank (only on the Gpay app) and so on… Even OneCard the co-branded credit card has it (Gpay).

You said Federal Bank is supported on Gpay so why cant we use our Jupiter cards on it?
My response: Only certain Bins are given to Gpay by Federal Bank and Jupiter’s bin is not on it that is why. (what is a bin? Bank Identification Number (Bin) is the first 4-6 numbers on a payment card that identifies the card issuer. The first digit is the major industry identifier, and the remaining digits communicate the financial institution that issued the card.) (What is your bin? Check it here

Reply with a question and ill reply.

This whole thing is a petition/suggestion btw. Forgive any mistakes in my post. The Jupiter Iphone app image is just for illustration on how I want to see the app, I havent put much effort into it.


@RSSM This is really helpful! Love how you placed the Tap and pay icon right below the sleep & freeze buttons too.
Or, we could just move this button to advanced card settings.
Question. Why did you place the reset pin button upfront? Do folks often forget it? :thinking:

Sharing this with the team :star_struck:

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Another useful add on would be to allow payment through other cards as well, which can be saved on Jupiter. Then… insights can be much more comprehensive for the user.

:tired_face: I always forget my password and pins. there have been times I go back and reset my pin before using my card at shops.

Suprisingly this adds to the point of making contactless card payments.

Hmm, I think you are better off using insights by Mobikwik/IndMoney, since they track both your bank and card.

Jupiter currently only tracks your Jupiter account and I personally dont see a way for jupiter to add different cards onto it.

Jupiter still allows you to use UPI of other banks for payments so you can use that.

Copy of Checkout

Something like this is what I imagine but instead of the card its a gif of a phone tapping the box.


I think iOS restricts NFC interactions for third party apps and Apple Pay is not available in India anyways. So iPhone users are kinda in a weird situation for Tap and Pay

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Does tap and pay on google pay on the iphone work?

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No. It doesn’t work

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Oh thats a bummer

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There are currently some regulations for this. We won’t be having this feature anytime soon :slightly_frowning_face:

Definitely on the to-do list though :crossed_fingers:t4:


Always flow rule , in hurry don’t do anything which is beyond/behind the rule .

As we’ve already seen such worst scenario for Paytm , HDFC Pank etc.

We want always #Jupiter

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Hmm? Sorry I didn’t get you

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For NFC payments I use my ICICI card linked with my Paytm app. I just need to unlock my phone and place it on the head of POS machine. That’s it. You don’t even have to open any app.

This is how Android shows in the settings:


Didn’t know paytm did that gotta try it out, also why are you awake at this time? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Some phones dont support this feature i think… :smiling_face_with_tear:

Only NFC enable phone supporting this feature in Paytm.

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Most Android phones support NFC. It’s like a basic feature.

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Bro… its a basic feature of mid range smartphones… not for budget offerings :grimacing:

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Yes… Budget phones lack these faeture :smiling_face_with_tear:… I dont have it

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