Use jupiter account in gpay or phone pe

this would be nice

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Welcome to the Community @Ricky_K.
Thanks for the suggestion :+1:.
As you know, Jupiter is planning to introduce a credit card soon…I hope it can be linked with Google pay and can be used for Scan and Pay purposes. Hope this would be applicable to debit cards too in future. Thus, there is a possibility we can connect and use Jupiter on Gpay nearby future. :+1: :+1:

Edit: I want to extend my sincere apologies and express my gratitude to @Abhishek_Ulayil for sharing valuable information on how to link a Jupiter account to Gpay and Phonepe. I had attempted to link my account before but faced difficulties. Seeing numerous posts about NFC requests and debit card linking requests led me to believe that this feature was not yet available. However, following Abhishek’s instructions, I tried again today and successfully linked my Jupiter account to Gpay with much ease.

If you are talking about UPI,
Select federal bank(Jupiters partner bank) in the bank account options then, it should work with any app be it GPay, phonepe etc…

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You can use Jupiter account on Gpay , phonepe or any other UPI app .

Just select the Federal Bank as Jupiter account ( both are same, Jupiter partnership with Federal Bank).


Jupiter is not a bank itself. You should search for ’ Federal Bank ’ instead of Jupiter. Your Jupiter account will be linked in UPI apps.