Jupiter Debit Card Charges

Do you remember this post of Jupiter on the official website?

Why did you mention lifetime free debit card or you don’t know the meaning of LT?

We can file a complaint in ombudsman as I have screenshots and proof of everything :+1:t2:


Hey @Naruto , we have updated our website with the right details.
The screenshot you attached is from an older version.

You mentioned earlier that it will be lifetime free.
What about this.


It was free, but it isn’t anymore.
However, there won’t be any charges if you meet the requirements mentioned above.


Is there any difference between free and lifetime free?

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@Devansh_Bartwal Yup. That’s on the current website.
There’s nothing wrong with it as far as I know though :thinking:

We’ve introduced the charges and it’s communicated, it’s not “hidden”.


May be they are referring only account usage. Not debit card charges :thinking:

I think it’s fine. if you have a good credit score, only the banks will give you loans at low-interest rates. Same with Jupiter. It’s two-way. They will also reward the users who reach the minimum spend threshold. Also, Private banks also charge fees irrespective of how much money you spend.

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What I feel is that at the end there will be very few people who will have to pay or will be paying the debit card charges.
Its just the fear of being charged if the conditions are not met that is causing the insecurity.
I do agree that earlier jupiter marketed the card to be free from any charges, I created my Jupiter account for the same reason. But I also understand their current position and they have provided 12 months for the transition of charges.

It is what it is, the debit card charges were inevitable, could there be other ways, surely. They could have reduced the features , rewards and kept the debit card free. But then again the story would have been the same.


It has been over 15 days since I first noticed the charges, but not yet communicated for the same.


Same, even i haven’t received any update.


Communication between customers and companies is crucial, and in this case, it appears that there has been a failure to do so. Ideally, customers should be informed prior to the introduction of any fees to avoid any misunderstandings or surprises.

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How will they annual charges if my account has no balance?:thinking:

negative balance, they will deduct it when you add some. i guess

There is 12 month window we are giving to users. Hope that clarifies. No charge will be levied before Mar24


I am writing to express my deep disappointment and frustration with the events concerning my debit card. When I signed up for jupiter I was informed by Jupiter support team that the cost of the card would be refunded once it was delivered to me, but after I received the card, your support stopped responding to my inquiries. When I finally did receive a response, it was only to tell me that this was a “miscommunication”. Although your agent confirmed multiple times about refund even saying that he has consulted his supervisor and there will be no issues.

To make matters worse, I have now been informed that Jupiter will start charging me annually for maintaining the card, despite the fact that I was led to believe that this would not be the case at least for Virtual card. This has shaken my trust in Jupiter and made me question whether I can continue with an institution that does not honor its commitments to me as a customer.

And for the above reasons I will be quiting jupiter.


@saurabh.s @Devansh_Bartwal The emails have been going out in batches since April 6 and we have sent the email to almost 70% of the user base by today. By tomorrow, the email will be sent to the remaining users. Please check your Spam folder as well for the email registered with Jupiter and in case you don’t find it by tomorrow night, do let us know.

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Thank you for bearing with me at least. At the end of the day, I am okay to support Jupiter by paying if I will not meet the criteria. It’s just like we are okay to pay traditional banks maybe and just creating an issue here where we are getting much better service.

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I don’t mind the annual fee as it was inevitable due to the way start-up economy works, first they burn cash and when it starts burning their pockets, they start charging customers.

But for a chargeable service, they at least need to provide the basic services right.

Still no option to change address, permanent or current or otherwise.
If for whatever reason, I’d to replace my debit card, I won’t be able to get the card delivered to myself as I bought and moved to new permanent home last year from the rented place I used to live before.

My sister recently had a terrible experience due to the ‘sleep’ mode being turned on without her doing anything on her part.
She urgently needed cash and tried couple of ATMs in a scorching day and it wasn’t working.
And there’s no SMS or communication from bank to know that why ATM transactions are failing, if I’ve not put my card on ‘sleep’, I won’t expect that to be the reason and check the app naturally.

They expect salaried professionals to be their main customers but salaried professionals expect better customer service and basic feature availability too.
There ain’t any lack of options out there for salaried professionals for day-to-day banking.

I recently moved my day-to-day banking transactions to a more rewarding bank account away from Jupiter which I’d used since early access days. It’s also paid but offers more value for money and has at least the basic features available.
In case of any serious trouble online, I can run to the branch and get a better response than copy-paste answers from inefficient customer support.