Jupiter Debit Card Charges

Hi Vineel,

Understand the sentiment well. The company is changing its position to keep the card free only for users who use the card or keep balances. And yes, this is a change in the company policy and hence we are giving users 12 months to adjust to the change. We are aware that this will decision will result in some users leaving Jupiter and that would be an unfortunate outcome.


Then what is the difference between you and Fi bank. Both are federal bank accounts. In fi virtual card is free. You provide almost same servics and jupiter chargesmore fees. Then tell me a single reason why should i use jupiter bank account instead of fi bank


This can prove to be fatal to Jupiter because like me many other users are going to leave Jupiter. Did you guys even think that you gonna lose your MOAT after setting up these charges?
Now there will be no as such big difference between you and other big traditional banks like axis and hdfc.

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Now Jupiter is levying charges on debit card even on virtual card also, what about features? Still, we can’t use Jupiter debit card for NFC/Tap and pay. I know it’s mentioned in roadmap. From a longtime longtime it’s in roadmap only under “To Be Picked up next”. Firstly, think about providing features then go to charges.

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After looking into the comments from this thread, I see people have different views on the annual Debit Card charges.

We’re not going to remove it anytime soon (Or ever), no matter how much you fight for it. This is a business call.

Why bring this change? It should be explained above

And Tanvi did mention a great way to to remove the charge here:

We want to give value to users who bring value to us. - It’s a 2 way benefit, friends.
If you do not use the app for what it is, then we really can’t keep the rocket moving forward. This is important.

Additionally, all of us are blessed with a Community, where we share, discuss, and implement ideas together. We test early products, hear reviews and much more.

Sure, some ideas and suggestions may take time. This can be due to plenty of hurdles, but it’s still added to the bucket list. The fact that it’s even heard and taken into consideration itself should be appreciated. No?

Take this time to understand the decisions taken here.
Remember, we will support you if you support us. Always will :slight_smile:


Sure @Shawnpinto .
Jupiter has always heard things from the community.
Keep going. :slight_smile:

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“We’re not going to remove it anytime soon (Or ever), no matter how much you fight for it. This is a business call.”

Yes we get it …

There is many other way to earn …
Earning via debit card charges is a old school thought. In 2023 nobody use debit card as primary instrument…
By the end of this year ,people will eventually leave Jupiter, will go for traditional bank.
Even Axis bank is providing a Life time free Atm card for cash withdrawal…

As a early member of this journey, I really wish ,You can still think about other way to generate these revenue.

At least ,You should think about customer retention, we are early pilled of this product, If you wish to cut :scissors: us from the list then surely No new menber will believe you …


I’m waiting for your comment now, I’m sure I’ll close my account before I get charged :+1:t2:

You might face a problem if at some point of time you need to regenerate the upi password/ u have to change your device.


Dear Jupiter,

Stick to your words


Till now i have not given any opinion about this topic.
I don’t have any problem with jupiter charges till yesterday cause my friend use jupiter from last
6 months but in the past 2 days he was unable to withdraw a single amount from atm machine.
He changed ATM pin three time, also he changed login Mpin twice but nothing changed. He is still unable to use atm machine. There is an emergency at his house and he urgently need money. Although he is a pro user with MAB of 22k. He is blaming me that i told him about Jupiter and it is his worst experience using this app.
Now my question is why we’ll give you charges when we can’t get any help during our emergencies???

I use the same ATM machine that he uses. It is a Bank Of India ATM.

So my question is that, is there any guarantee that this incident may not happen to me?


No matter how much you fight for it clearly shows the arrogance of the company. No worries let’s just wait and watch . There are some of the best other neobanks out there .


Seriously thinking of the time spent on this community to make it a better place :slight_smile:


There is never a guarantee for anything. What is important here is that incident should have been reported via a ticket. Again, community forums do not help reporting issues. If a ticket is raised, the Ops and back end have to follow a process to resolve the issue and provide an update. And more importantly it gives them the data insight to identify such Issues

My friend, where you see arrogance, i urge you to see their efforts to engage with the community, to attempt giving a rational perspective. I know i am going to get bashed for my next statements -

  1. The Jupiter team was forced to put their foot down as many only choose to demand and not listen.
  2. We are a community here and not decision makers. If we want to influence a decision, rationality helps.
  3. Everytime one of us threatens to walk away because we did not have our way, it gets considered as an tantrum and more importantly confirms that the person was not the right customer for them. This includes me.

What is the use of raising a request when needed, emergency is emergency.
Moreover, ticket raising does not solve problem immediately, it takes some time.

And again i am saying that i don’t have any problems with there debit card charges. I am already paying debit card charges for my Bank of India account and i am a Pro user of jupiter more than 5-6 month so i don’t have to pay any charges.

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While i agree, during an emergency, raising a ticket may not provide an immediate solution; it ensures that back end team gets reports and inputs to pin point the root cause of the issue and try to deploy a permanent fix.

Users are just express their dissatisfaction, noone is threatening here. It’s important to remember that everyone has the right to share their opinions and experiences in an open community. Customers are allowed to voice their concerns and express their frustration when they feel like they are not being heard or valued.

Additionally, If you go Jupiter twitter handle you’ll see that many users are unhappy with the sudden charges, not just those in the community.


Dear Biswajit,

Lifetime free debit cards are provided only with accounts with minimum balance requirements. Except for BSBDA, there are no free debit cards without minimum balance requirements. Even Jupiter does this because business economics cannot make sense if the user neither maintains balance nor uses the card for spending.

We are very well aware of some customers leaving Jupiter due to this decision but it’s a trade-off we have chosen to make.


@Jiten @Shawnpinto I don’t mind debit card charges as long as it give benefits like other banks.
Like Discount on movie tickets, Rewards for all online transactions(not restricted to specific merchants) without limit, Debit card design as per user requirement, Airport Lounge access, Insurance coverage, Higher limits, Waiver on charges if possible.