Jupiter Debit Card Charges

Oh… I use niyox virtual Card for 1 year 15 days then i completed the full kyc by video call… Then the sent me physical card automatically… Bcz previously there is no option for refusing physical card they’re sent you automatically after completing the kyc :joy: then i use it for 1 year completely free ( first year free and joining charges also free that time) .

Then after 1 year they revised their changes to 177 + gst … From 2nd year… That time i decided to block my card but suddenly some day after they announced a program ( if i maintain 1k atleast 1 month then the fee waived :joy: )

Now I’m using 2nd year also free.

Now 3rd year they mailed me if i want to waived off charge ( 249+ gst now ) need maintain 5k for 3 months… And for me their is no option for only virtual Card… If i blocks physical card… My virtual card also blocked


I think in first line, you wrote something wrong


Sorry it’s 1 :joy:

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jupiter is charging a lot for physical card it’s not worth that much like hdfc millennia which costs 500+gst per anum it gives 2.5% cashback for online and 1% for wallet topup. one can easily cover cost by rotating money with hdfc millennia debit card


No bank will giving cashback for rotating money :joy: but 300+ gst really costly as compare they’re giving the service, maybe they changed high because it’s Visa signature and they will give the insurance with Card.

If we all community members and all users request to the team, they can revised their charges to minimum.



you can recharge paytm and amazon wallet and later send that money back to bank with hdfc millennia debit card


Our team will issue formal note around any charge structure to be applicable. That being said, any charge structure will be kept fair to both user and our business such as no user will ever be charged maintenance for both virtual and physical card. It will be either/or.

Similarly, from business perspective, if user cannot provide minimum value to business either via spends, savings or balance, then user will need to pay a nominal cost per year to continue on platform as we incur significant cost to maintain the user on platform.

Separately, we had not envisaged students as ideal customers of our platform and rather assumed salaried professionals as ideal customer segment who don’t face these issues around spending 2k per month or having 10k balance or saving some FD in their investment or getting their salary in account. Bcoz these customers get charge waiver bcoz of good behaviour on platform.



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Fee waiver Conditions are not so much tough.
We need more clarification and Details about Spending Criteria.


We need a clarification with examples.

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When opening the account, the terms and conditions indicated that the card would be a free card. Therefore, there should be no changes to the terms for those who opened their account prior to the introduction of these charges.


There is no AMC in the Physical Debit Card for the first time, but if you lose the first card once, the card that will give the second time will need an AMC.


Just refer to here, then you’ll get to know about the charges
Jupiter Fee, Rates and Charges


Hereby i shared the same banking partner ( Federal bank) another Neo Bank debit Card charges, Fi ( Fi money, Epifi) .

Link : Fi's transparent fee structure, no hidden charges

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Blocking debit card won’t impose charges?



This is totally unfair, getting new customers by showing no AMC and now forcing them to pay.


I hope they will apply this changes to new customers only. As while we were ordering debit card, they mentioned as one-time fee only.

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All those people I refered saying “no fees whatsoever”. Guess I need to ask them to block it ASAP.


Jupiter team, don’t take it as a rant, but, idk how you will take this, but please take this as good as you can.

Since the start of this year, auto-pay hasn’t been working for me, or it didn’t work for entire January and February, I gave up after that after being in contact with support for quite a few days. The final reply I got was “…we do not support the mentioned payments . We request you to try one-time payments.” (~reply from Jupiter Support via email)
Those ‘mentioned payments’? Spotify, Amazon, Netflix.

Visa Safe Click? Stopped working since the start of the year. It’s still not up, or I can’t get it to work. I have removed and re-added card so many times, never worked.

I joined Jupiter in October of 2021, I have a Visa Signature, but I can check on Visa One Click that the card is a Visa Platinum. More specifically, Federal Bank’s Signet Visa Platinum.
I asked with support about this too, and the reply was “…we are updating this and it’s live for a few users only. Please consider this as a general feature update.” (~reply from Jupiter Support via email)
Cross checking the fees, charges with Federal Bank’s charge sheet, the charges being levied on Jupiter’s card is infact in line with Signet Card.

Why is there no transparency? Why is it becoming so hard? And where will this go?
“6. Imperio, Signet NR, Celesta Business - AMC is exempted if the annual spend is above ₹1,00,000 through ECOM/POS.” (~Federal Bank’s latest Service Charges and Fees document in effect from 01st Oct, 2022)
Will Jupiter also slowly change it in future?

As I said, I joined Jupiter in October 2021, account was free, card was free, card replacement was free. I got my mom onboard. A few months ago I got my sister onboard too, she didn’t get the card cause it was ₹199+GST (which is now increased to ₹299+GST). But the reason she agreed was because there was no annual charges.
I read you said “…assumed salaried professionals…”, and fair enough, but your play Store description, your previous advertisements, I never got a feeling it was geared more towards salaried professionals, and seeing the replies here, I don’t think others got that as well . Heck when I joined there was no Pro, no salary. Fi money only allows salaried persons to join, while Jupiter does not.You can’t justify everything saying we envisaged our users will be salaried professionals.

You were running offers on BookMyShow, Jio where if you create a new account on Jupiter and enter a specific code while joining, you’ll receive massive discounts. The discount was the reason my sister joined, there was no reason to believe the app, or the service was envisaged for professionals.

The charges for failed transactions were increased while the amount of charge free failed transactions reduced from 5 to 2. Again, community here was discussing this first before anything was contacted by Jupiter.

YOU need to be more proactive, more transparent. I think this is clear from the replies here.