Jupiter App is not opening

Hi @Shawnpinto

From today morning, my Jupiter app has not opened
It got stucked at the starting page

@Satyajit_Singh I have not faced any issues with the app. Try to reinstall/clear data and check it.

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Same, it’s working fine here too.
Network issues maybe?

After doing everything, the Jupiter app not opened
Jupiter App version 1.6.18
Samsung Galaxy A52
Android 13

Oh, no! Satyajit, please do not be worried. We’ll check and fix the issue for you as early as possible. Let’s connect via DM to discuss this further.

Thank you!

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Till the time, jupiter app not opened

Waiting for a quick solution

Hi @Shawnpinto

When will be version 1.7.1 rolling out, i am waiting for it, because after updating to Android 13 Jupiter app not opening

What a serious disgust. Today I opened the app and it requested a mandatory update. After that I transferred some money to Jupiter account from my other bank account. After that the app stopped working, everytime said MPIN verification failed. I restarted the app, cleared app cache, deleted app data, uninstalled, reinstalled and every possible rocks turned.

Now the app says mobile verification failed ! That too after sending 5 verification sms from my device, in which a couple of times it said Something Crashed and Something is Not Ok !

The last account debited already from my other account and have not been credited to Jupiter a/c yet. Seems it’s out for a night ride !

Are these sort of updates really required ?

I have been facing mobile verification failed from past 3-4 weeks and their support is changing the statement, at times, they say, your number is different. I got tired calling them more than 30 times and emailing them, that my number is the same in Jupiter, Fi and Federal bank.

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app as well. And every week, their fake agents say, do not worry, we got it. Every week they extend the time frame and still no help to me.

I changed my number yesterday in Fi, Federal because I know this company Jupiter will take 20 years to solve this issue.

And now they changed the statement, you changed the number that is why you are facing this issue.

However, I changed the number yesterday only. But I faced the issue from past 4 weeks.

This is how this compnay lie. And I still did not get any help

@Shawnpinto , @Anthony_Akshay – there is no help , and only fake lie

I also see that everything was great till Android 12. It looks like there app is not compatible with Android 13 - OnePlus, Realme?

OR Those who changes their email after changing the email and then change the email again after - 90 days.

No one is helping. Only fake lies of my number getting changed… Even though I only changed the number yesterday.