Unable to open Jupiter app

Since last few day everytime when i try to open jupiter app showing something snapped

@Thezeeshanmalik This seems to be a very user-specific issue. If you are an android user, delete the app cache and try launching it.

If the issue persists, record a video from a different phone that covers the steps you take to launch the app till you get the error message and share it with the support team via email at support@jupiter.money.

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@yagnesh01 Thanks!

@Thezeeshanmalik Heyo!
Try this out, let us know if it still persists. If yes, you can let the support team know and they will take it from there :tick:

Don’t use Jupiter app on unsecured wifi network
Ps - unsecured meaning open network.
Jupiter app opens on only password protected networks.

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Yes! It’s still not working

I don’t use open wifi. It’s not working on mobile data also

I think you are facing the issue when trying to logging in.

After clearing the cache and date, please complete the sms verification. If you are getting verification failed, please check your sms plan.

I suggest Keep trying 5-8 times , and it will be work.

If you are outside India, then use a VPN with indian servers.
Or if you are india check if you are using any VPN service turn it off if possible. If not then raise a ticket/issue on jupiter app support.

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