App speed & performance

Can you share yours please. I’ll check it out and find out if it’s the difference in loading on my device and yours. Also check the loading in apps which I have shared above.

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I have tried out a speedtest of sorts with jupiter app and it opens within 5 seconds including biometrics.


My device does not have biometric but it takes 25-30 seconds after entering mpin

It shouldn’t take that much time.
From opening the app to biometrics to home page, it should be 5 seconds or less.

@ManishSaini it’s best if you could share a recording of your login flow since it works fine for most of us here.


Sure. I will share the video tomorrow. Today i am out attending meetings.

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What device do you guys use? I have tried it on Xiaomi MIUI devices (Redmi 9A and Poco C3) and it takes the same amount of time (25-30 seconds or more). I have seen it running in some Vivo devices as well, it opens equally slowly.
@Shawnpinto I don’t think sharing screen recording by me will help because people have already shared feedback for this long time back, I think same thing will happen in my case as happened with other people who have shared their feedback in past i.e. it will be noted only as feedback and I will only be assured to rectify it. If your team really considered this as an issue, it would have been resolved long ago. I am not interested in getting it fixed as never use Jupiter app as its slow speed and clumsy interface while using it is very annoying.
If you and your team are really interested in improving it, you should test it on some xiaomi redmi and oppo-vivo devices (app opening speed, quick transitions on different interfaces in the app, etc.) And yes, by going to your chat section, chatting with your team and sharing photos.

And a lot of similar feedback you will find on twitter. I would like to remind you that they don’t write like this to have fun, they expect improvement from Jupiter team that’s why they write like this but Jupiter team ignores it considering it as a joke or people as fools.

@Shawnpinto If I have used any wrong word then forgive me and remove that word from my post.


Manish, i use a Poco X2, running on MIUI 12.5.7. the performance has been fairly good.

Mr it’s not working fine for everyone. It is possible that before starting using Jupiter, you have been using slower apps than Jupiter, due to which it seems faster to you.

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Fair enough. I am sure you are facing your set of issues. And I respect that. I am hoping this thread helps you to get your Issue resolved.

I agree with you. In my experience, the Jupiter app seems to be running a bit slower compared to other banking & payment applications. In my case, It’s take around 7-8 second to load the app.


Okay. I am sure, there might be opportunities to improve.

Are you all able to open the Jupiter app? It’s showing something snapped failed to initialize new session from last 15 to 20 minutes after I restarted my phone.


Yes, the app is work fine for me


Thanks for replying then it’s unique for me. I will try after reinstalling the app


Yes it’s working fine. Clear cache and Data and try again. It may fix the issue

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Yes it’s working now. I tried clearing cache but that didn’t work then. It’s fixed automatically now.


Glad that its fixed and thanks for confirming the same. Happy banking with Jupiter.


Same with me

Welcome back to the Community @rakeshvv… I hope the speed issues will be resolved in the upcoming updates as you can it’s under testing stage… :+1:

@ManishSaini My Main Issues were same here.
Now you have mentioned I am using Poco m3 pro 5g and Note 10 Pro 5G. running latest miui 14 and The App opening and Loading for refreshing is taking much time for me. and Scan pay option to open, I can manage Scanning speed, but it needs to open first.