Jupiter app is getting slower

One thing hate about the app is, it’s slower. When I installed a year back. It was light weight. No hassle, but as features and illustration started to flash in (I guess) it’s getting slower now a days. Especially when I use pots. Im an extensive user of pots. Dealing with it is so hard. There’s also too many steps for doing a simple tasks. They (withdraw, view transaction) can be shown upfront itself instead of nesting it with 2 or 3 steps. For every step it’s taking 3 to 5 secs. Im using galaxy note lite. It’s not the top notch. But it should be optimised for even the lesser configured phones too right. My memory and space have moren than half left out. I dont know, but Just for this case, I’m trying to backup the phone and resetting it. It’s again tedious task.


Respecting your opinion.
However, my experience has been quite the opposite. The application was slower in its initial days, but it has been consistently improving its speed with each update. The biggest irony is that I have only 1 or 2 GB left in my phone memory, but still, the app’s performance is :fire:
The phone is Oppo’s Reno 3 pro and it’s going to complete 3 years soon.
(Many of my friends who use Samsung/Redmi phones have told about about hanging and slowness issues- not with the Jupiter app, but in general)

Instead, I suggest recording the slowness issue and sending a support mail to support@jupiter.money for raising a ticket.

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@razack my apologies, missed your comment about reaching the support team.


Hmm. Thanks for the reply. None of the apps has no lag except Amazon music and Jupiter for me :slight_smile:

For me the whole amazon pay is laggard. And definitely jupiter money.

R u running the latest version of Jupiter :slight_smile: Jupiter was laggy for me earlier but after the recent updates, its much faster. :upside_down_face:

@Abhinav_Goyal while Amazon may not give you the option to report this issue, Jupiter does. Hence, please record a video of the steps to take to open the app and screens where you face latency and share this with the support team.


Recoding the Jupiter is tiresome.

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Well, if a bug or an issue is reported, and if it is user specific, effort has to be taken to assist in bug fixing as well.

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Taking photos by another phone is fine but I found it quite difficult to record From another phone and also use the app.

Then just wait for new updates. Things get fixed overtime in my experience.


Same thing for me, because they add more features day by day in one app , it’s make app heavy

Yeah, everything money gimmick seems to be bank firing. It should be like the zerodha which have separate app for everything.

It’s good to have all in one as it can be seamless. But it’s just that it should work smoothly. Paytm, phonepe are good example.


Phonepay is smooth but definitely the paytm is not too smooth. Actually everything app strip you out of the choice. Like if it’s a loans app too then you might take the loan at higher rate while the lower rate is available in the other apps. And even if you don’t use the other apps these everything apps take storage into the android.

Nowadays Paytm like news paper :rofl: too much ads everywhere, and their is no data privacy policy , they Stolen everything for just their revenue

Now don’t know every platform doing same thing, Amazon , My Jio… Every platform

Hmm… And that’s why the amazon and jio are getting slower. Amazon literally crashes and I only use the amazon because of the amazon pay because they give better cashback than other upi apps otherwise it’s just use less. And I’m fine with the myjio app. Because I use it rarely just to do the 395 recharge and nothing else.

But paytm has features like no other app has and the payment experience is seamless.
Ads are the drawback.