Jupiter App very slow now

Can anybody give me a proper explanation why Jupiter app is not working today?? I can’t seem to access my account today as every time I open the app it says something snapped.

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Same with me

The app was loading very slowly last night.
It was fixed around 1 am.

@Keshav_Garg @Izroth404 How is it right now?

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Heads up, it’s a bit slow now. We’re looking into it :hammer_and_wrench:
Edit: It’s back to normal now.

The entire app is terribly slow from last 2-3 days. 1 out of 5 request fails with “Something snapped”.

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App is running slow for me too… not giving error… but taking lot of time to load.


We’re working on a permanent fix for this! :construction_worker_man:t4: :wrench:

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Jupiter app at times crashes and it canbe frustrating sometimes. Once when i went to the supermarket the app crashed and i could not pay using jupiter upi nor did i have the debit card with me. Luckly my Bank Of Baroda account had some cash which helped me save my face from an impending embarassment.

Hey! @Shravan does it often happen to you? :uh_oh:
Lemme know if you’re still facing the app crashes.