App crashes

I have been a super-user of this app-

  1. app crashes most of the time between 6pm to 8pm.
  2. app doesn’t work if I am using VPN. please allow it. respect users privacy.



I agree on the first one… Not always but most of the time these days…

I can use jupiter app while on vpn :thinking:

I agree for 1st point… Always crashing plus no network connection or something. Lots of issues now days with app… Using iPhone.

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We’re working on it!

Similar thread here :hammer_and_wrench:


It’s not a suggestion, just for an idea about VPN .

Now government had made rule for VPN companies to save log for 3 years*.

Finally privacy won’t be hidden :joy:.

Another issue is ; there’re dozens of VPN apps available on play/app store, which may not safe , even they save data so also use only very trusted service only :sweat_smile:.

You can find news/research about these type of VPN, if you are using anyone among these , immediately uninstall for better privacy and security.

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Actually i use VPN for security and not privacy :joy:

VPN encrypts the traffic… Something that is useful when you are on a public wifi network :upside_down_face:

I still believe privacy is a myth :joy:. Lots of trackers are there on all apps… Even website we visit have Google analytics or something else :smiling_face_with_tear:… Thats why i started using adguard

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@Aswin_Benny its okay. I use it. my choice and one way or one layer I protect my digital privacy. also I use the paid vpn.
I use Private Internet Access @Shawnpinto just in case you want the info

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@apoorva_kumar I believe the app won’t function properly if the VPN is enabled.
But @Aswin_Benny has been using it and seems fine :thinking:

If enabling VPN is causing the crashing of the app, what happens if you disable the VPN? Let us know if it crashes once disabled.


I’ve another idea , while using public WiFi avoid such apps & websites like - Banking Apps , Aadhar Card site etc . :sweat_smile:


If you’re using VPN for other purposes, you can “Split Tunnel, in VPN settings” .


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@Roshan I actually use VPN to download movies in public wifi (its free and my mobile data is limited to 1.5 gb/day):joy:.

Sometimes when downloading files from telegram… If i put a VPN, it downloads faster… (Not sure of technical details… I connect to singapore where telegram’s Data centre for asians are there)…

Jupiter app works just fine on my VPN :man_shrugging: