Jupiter - Improvement areas


I have been using various neo-banks.
But here I want to give some improvement areas to Jupiter with my experience with “Jupiter” and also another neo-bank named “Fi Money” which uses the same Federal bank as their partner like Jupiter.

First, I really like the UI and simplicity of Jupiter and app is really flawless and smooth buttery experience. Customer service in chat also very fast and good.
Also they have beneficiary feature for fund transfer which Fi money doesnt have to add any beneficiary for fund transfer.

Fi money is also a good app with some minor improvements needed. Even their customer service also fast and good like Jupiter.

But the key concern area for Jupiter is in the following.
Jupiter is not considered as Federal bank partner, whereas FI money is considered in various such instances.

  1. Meaning that, When I used to withdraw cash from SBI Bank ATM, My Fi money card was detected and I withdrew the cash. But for Jupiter ATM card it says invalid card and not allowing me to withdraw the cash. Jupiter works well only in Federal bank ATMs.

  2. There was VISA card offer in the official VISA card India website for Swiggy and Zomato for certain banks. In that 12 banks list, Federal bank was also there. When I inputted my Fi money card, it accepted as Federal bank and issued me the swiggy and zomato vouchers from official VISA card India website. But for Jupiter card, its says bank not supported and cannot issue vouchers.

  3. The 3rd instance happened in INOX cinema ticket official website.
    They have Buy 1 Get 1 Ticket offer for upto 100rs discount.
    I inputted my Fi money bank card, It applied the offer and gave me discount, but for Jupiter it said Invalid bank and offer not applicable for this bank.

  4. The last and final instance is in Official income Tax website. ITR website partnered with Kotak bank and Federal bank to pay income tax in their website. (Other banks will re-direct to NSDL website for payment) but for Kotak and Federal bank it happens within ITR website so it will be hassle free for paying income tax.
    I contacted Fi money for Netbanking facility, they told me to use Federal bank netbanking login which will work for FI money. So i just hit over the Federal bank website and registered with this FI money to create new netbanking credentials within 5 mins it got activated and voila, I paid the ITR through Federal netbanking by using my FI money account.
    But for Jupiter they said “Netbanking facility is not available in Jupiter”

Finally, I would say, its not comparison between FI money and Jupiter. But those features which Fi can offer is also possible with Jupiter. So kindly add those features to improve the user experience.



What I love the most in Fi is how fast the app opens up. In Jupiter I get to stare at a white page while the rest loads up. Takes about 5 seconds. (Sometimes more)

Fi does it in 2.

And FIT rules. It’s bae!!!

@nateavi Yes fi opens up faster. Jupiter app startup is slower and unreliable , so i dont use it as my daily upi app. Whenever i had to open jupiter in an emergency situation like paying something in the local market, all i could see was a white screen :smiling_face_with_tear: . I use gpay, amzon pay, paytm… :dotted_line_face: